what do you look for in throwing music?

how do you look at music? I listen and if you listen to some great JAZZ you will find a rhythm, an essence and a flow you can use forever…


When just yoyoing casually I like it really fast or with tons of drums and beats and all that good stuff, but when I’m making a freestyle I really like to make the music genres different. However if I could choose one type that I like to especially go to it’s what I listed before

I usually look for songs with no lyrics (so instrumental) that has a good beat to it, preferably kind of techno. If the song does have lyrics, it needs to make my tricks flow smoothly. My favorite yoyo music:

w/o Lyrics:
Razor Sharp, by Pegboard Nerds and Tristam
Flight, by Tristam and Braken

w/ Lyrics
Paparazzi, by Lady Gaga
Pride (In The Name of Love), by U2vsTiesto