Yoyo Music for Performance? Performance Help?

Yo, what’s up YoyoExpert?
I’m thinking about doing a performance at YLC 2010 (Youth Leadership Conference) at Rice University this summer, but I’m not sure what music to choose. Any suggestions? Tips?

Ideas right now for music:

Basshunter- All I Ever Wanted…(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3CxhBIrBho)

Caramell- Caramelldansen…(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXK9ShllebQ)

.<’’ Not very good music I think…Any ideas anybody?

Btw I have a 888x, and a Superstar coming in this Friday. (Kickside and Legacy)
I have been Yoyoing for about 2 months now…so I’m hoping to put together my first routine.
I can do about 98% of the tricks on YYE.

try some rock heres my fav band sum 41: motivation is a good song by them

Here is the 3, I use:

Love and joy - Yuki Kimura


Are you a fast yoyoer? Are you a slow yoyoer? Do you like a certain kind of music?

There are too many variables in this question.

My response is something that can be used in a fast or slow freestyle. Something with No lyrics.

How about ''filth" by Skream?



I would love to see someone throw to this…

Or, try a bit of this?

I can reccomend ‘Boomdiddyboom’

Have funs!

that was sweet mr. bear!

Melt Banana + big pot of posh coffee = MrBear throwing all afternoon.

My advice is this:

The music that goes in the background represents your style. I’ve put this on a lot of music posts. Depending on how you throw is what music you put. For example, if you are a speedy player like Mickey or Augie then put something fast paced. If you play slowly put enjoy doing longer hard hitting tricks (like Jensen or Guy) then something slow with a good beat will do.

Use the pros and maybe amateurs to give you an example on how music should be chosen. Your music taste describes you!

I haven’t really found my style yet…I’m just experimenting right now. I also haven’t got my Superstar yet, so I might like slow play more once I get it?

And lyrics…I don’t really care.  :-\