need help finding music for talent show


I would feel good with a song that you play at a medium speed


I would say a dubstep/house song…


just do a song that you like. i would personally not throw to dub step, but if you want to, then do it.


Songs I like for a more in the middle speed are:
Manian - ravers in the u.k.
Skrillex - reptile’s theme
Daft punk - harder better faster stronger
Deadmau5 - moar ghosts and stuff
Flux pavilion & doctor p - superbad
BAASIK - Dashstep
Skrillex & knife party - zoology
Swedish house Mafia & knife party - antidote

Hope I helped :smiley:



Any song by motion city soundtrack but you might have to watch for language


So much Yes.

Anyways, try to go for a middle speed song. Reptile by Skrillex is probably too fast paced unless you’re Augie Fash and Gentry Stein (they did a yoyo battle to it), so go for something slower. I found amazing potential in this song:

I used it last year for the Talent show (prepared 3 years for it!) and it was amazing, and it worked perfectly for my style. Medium speed, EDM, just how I love music.

But most importantly, find something YOU like. Find a song YOU think is cool, and find a song that matches YOUR pace. Don’t go for a super fast paced song, unless you have lots of stage presence, speed, and never make big mistakes.


ok. I’m pretty sure me and this Guy would get along well.

Also, I have to add centipede by knife party. If you saw the routine I have for this, I’m pretty sure you would be amazed. Pick something from a genre you like though, although if you like dubstep type stuff, I’ll talk to ya all day.



Nujabes: blessing it or feather


Throwing to Nujabes is a truly wonderful experience.
Luv(Sic) ftw.


Dat Frank Ocean doh.


Stephen walking - move or top of the world