Talent Show.

Okay, so my local youth group may be having a talent show soon, and I was wondering.

What would be a good song to yo-yo to in front of a lot of non-yo-yoers?

Just wondering, I would like suggestions.



Anything upbeat would work. If you can keep up with the tempo Dubstep or any techno is always popular for better or worse. I used a Legend of Zelda Theme remix at my last talent show and will be using Derezzed from The Tron Soundtrack at the end of the year talent show at my school.

Agreed with sirnaq need something upbeat and fast paced like the songs he used tron legacy etc. I used Beggin by Madcon for my last talent show everybody loved it

I’ve said this before, Tunak Tunak Tun.

300 Violin Orchestra

Master of Puppets by metallica. :wink:

That’ll be a pretty long routine O.o

I’m thinking this:

It is a good length, and people know the song. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas would be a good song. It has a lot of good spots for eli hops and I know non yoyoers love eli hops. There’s a couple of partially slow spots where you could fit in a couple of technical tricks.

I am actually going to use a rocketeer remix


I won.


By any chance can we get a run-down of what you were up against and maybe a video of your routine?

Haha, there was not many people.

There were two guys singers, a comedian, a guy who could make a dolphin noise, (lol)
and a group of girl singers with a guy guitarist.

I may be able to get a vid up later, not sure if one was taken…

But, I made so many mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I barely had a routine.

My 4a yo-yo fell, my 5a messed up, and my first 1a yo-yo got a snag.

But, the judges liked it because I did eli hops at a great time in the song, and I also did a lot of body involved tricks. I even jumped off the stage (over a trapeze)

Oh yeah, I also did a grind inside of my fedora.

So, easy to impress non-yo-yoers. :smiley:

I’m actually doing something quite similar on the 8th (If I so choose.).

I’m hoping I can sling together something I can’t screw up (I suck in front of people.).

For songs (If I can use one.) it’s going to be something from Miike Snow, Daft Punk, or Hudson Mohawk.

I did soooo bad on my 4a and 5a,

and my 1a qas pretty bad too.

My first performance infront of people though.

Snap dude you replied figgen quick. xD

But yeah I’m thinking of maybe doing some 5A I got 4A but I can see that going really poorly since most of the time when I have people watching I can’t even get a good throw…

I did OK with 4a, I tried to bind but it slipped, dang…

Oh, yeah.


I have a picture. ::slight_smile:


It… it isn’t working…

It works for me.