Talent Show


does anyone have any ideas for talent shows. i am not sure what kind of tricks a high school would like and i am not sure what song i should use. the act is about 3 minutes long.


i would suggest advance and expert tricks since those are built for impress . And the song i would think somethink that would be nice to hear and suit you e.g : Apolozige, Numb, Place for my head,… that kind of junks .
-Apolozige works for me in my opinion


Actually the most advance and expert tricks are not always the best because after a while they look the same to the crowd i suggest doing some simple but cool looking tricks like boingy boing or seasick even around the world and rock the baby gets a crowds attention. Also do eli hops or for sure. stuff like boingy bong and eli hops are great, they are simple to us but look amazing to non yoyoers


Slacks, whips, etc, body trciks. Check out some of Gentry Stein’s freestyles, amazing body tricks.


Gyroscopic Flop, Eli hops, boomerang, leg wrap trap, anything around the neck, boingy boing, mach five, revolutions, big body movements, and Montgormery Twist. They’re great for crowds.


you should use the song interlude by attack attack.

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Have a really random song like Space Unicorn and do awesome tricks. Everyone will be confused and you’ll be happy. You’re welcome.


for a layman’s audience, music and choreography is important. Some of the more complex and difficult tricks will be completely lost on most people. Doing tricks that are “big” enough to see from the back of the audience and in beat with the music will score big points from the crowd. Also, if you have a group that you can choreograph, it usually turns out to be very impressive from the audiences perspective. Good luck!


If I were you I would do a trick or two that everyone knows like Eiffel tower and rock a baby to get them like kinda interested the get on to the more advanced tricks to get them hooked.


Gyro Flop, Boingy Boing, Eli Hops.

Make sure you do tons of redundant flips and lindy loops in your combos… People that don’t know yoyoing freak out with those.

For music, use a dubstep remix of a song everyone knows. It will get them pumped up.



Big flashy tricks. If you’re throwing for the uninitiated all the techy sort of stuff looks the same after one or two tricks. Eli hops is great and if you know any off-string or looping tricks those are fantastic as well.