what r some good ones?

What are some good tricks for a talent show?
I know tht i’m going to do 1A and some 4A

Leg wrap trap and other body tricks.

People also like tricks like Gyro flop, revolutions, boing-e-boing, and other tricks like that, when i performed at our school talent show on the last day of school, people went crazy for Yuuki Slack, but yeah you should do some slack tricks.

Plus some whips maybe, laceration impresses a lot of non yoyo’ers and I agree with doing a gyro flap.

Eli hops, Boomerang, maybe Pop’n’Fresh… Follow is also a good one too.

Oh, and finish with Walk the Dog, people love that.

triple tower!!! but it is hard it took me a while to learn i recommend learning it on a undersized yoyo

I didn’t know that there was such a trick! Do you know of a tutorial anywhere?

There you go.  :slight_smile:

Try some Eli Hops and grinds. Also, like others have said do some slack tricks. Try finishing with walk the dog, then take the slipknot off your finger and bind the yoyo up and catch it.  :slight_smile:

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leg orbiter would be a good trick for 4a

Mine are all pretty much mentioned but I don’t know… so I’ll post them anyways. Eli Hops, Suicides, Jade Whip, Leg Wrap Trap, Arm and thumb Grinds, Boingy-Boing, and Revolutions are a must have. Even the simplest of tricks impress people too, I do suggest ending with these. Some good ones are Pop the clutch, for example, and the classics like walk the dog, and cradle. So bring both an unresponsive and a responsive yoyo up there. Best of luck at the talent show!

My friends really like Mach 5.

or you never know if someone there is a really good yoyoer and sees you doing simple tricks. :-\

Ninja Vanish

grinds! do them very smooth and the crowd loves them


Neck tricks, oh and if you are really daring then try to do a paul han laceration combo, and one of those tricks that you jump over the yo-yo.

I would also suggest searching forums for “talent show” because there are probably some tricks mentioned in some of those other topics that haven’t been remembered and would be excellent.

if he is a really good yoyoer then he will know you are trying to entertain the crowd :slight_smile:

Seasick is great, Horizontal is also cool.

i have already done that, but thanks anyways :wink:

My current favorite trick, Takahiko Trapeze, ITS SMOOOOOOTH…as an 888