talent show help

(Marvin.D) #1

ok so i going to be in a talent show on 09/11/09 and i need new tricks.

could you all just post up a video of a trick that u would think to be good for the show so i can hurry up and learn them

could i count the talent show as my first contest


You don’t need to use an AWESOME yoyo trick ever like the yoyo champions. Just throws some tricks that you have learned before, and the audience will be amazed.

Happy Throwing! =]

(SR) #3

What is your level?

(JM) #4

Gyro Flops

Grinds, anything really.  Just go into trapeze and “drop the yo-yo” onto your throwhand fingers and let it  “walk” up your forearm and fall off by your elbow.


This may be a little advanced, but I think revoulutions is a great crowd pleaser.


If you want to learn some more, go right ahead, but one thing that I’ve found is pretty impressing is the other styles. Especially 2a and 4a. For your 1a tricks just do what you know and people will still be amazed.

(Marvin.D) #7

im at the master level

(Frank W.) #8

Revoulutions is a really good also Eli hops for people not so familiar with yoyoing, but I would think to not get to techy cause then they wont know whats really going on. But like Apetrunk said try changing the style. I know every time I whip out the 4A people are just speechless. And make sure it’s nice and smooth.



People like irregular shapes that gets them wondering how you’re gonna get out of it.

Try my 2nd GT in this vid. Really easy and simple but awesome.

(Infinite Chaos) #10

So weird! I’m doing the same thing this year. lol. Good Luck to yah! ;D


Nice, but people outside of the yoyo community generally don’t understand the whole triangle thing. They don’t get why messing around with knots is cool and kind of hard sometimes.

(JayVee) #12

Just make sure you don’t do anything too techy. Not too many people appreciate the technique used in more advanced tricks. Basically just stick to the ones that many people will recognize and spice it up a bit. Maybe like a Braintwister combo or 2A. Another thing you can do is to be theatrical. It’s a talent show, so make it look flashy. Do a jig, or maybe exaggerate some of your movements a bit. Do what you think will get you extra cheers from the crowd.

Hope this helped and good luck with preparing.

(Infinite Chaos) #13

Yeah exactly. Whenever i practice at high school, its the simple tricks like mach 5 and boing e boing that get people going. Slacks and Suicides would go over REALLY well too. :smiley:


i would do some things that are simple but reaally flashy like split the atom and atomic bomb.people who dont know yoyoing are amazed by the simplest of things
i once was going to do some tricks for some friends and did a simple throw and bind and they were amazed


Yup. I know the feeling. You could also do lindy loop then wait, triple-on trapeze and wait while looking at the crowd, quadruple, and just as far as you can get. That’s a pretty cool one.


For audiences that don’t know anything about yoyos, don’t do ladder escapes, or anything techy. Anything techy won’t make any sense to people, and won’t impress them.

Follow is good.

Boingy boings, over under boingy boings, atomic bombs and brantwister combos are good.

(Eleazar) #17

Yeah I did a throw and a bind and they went wild then i some techy stuff al I could hear was crickets.


ya i agree revolutions is a good one and if your doing any wrist mounts use the other ways to do them good luck


That’s the trick Ando used at the end of his 08 FS!