Tricks for the talent show!!!

I’m yoyoing in a talent show Friday and I’m kind of having some trouble with what tricks to do. I am in expert 2 and can do “and wat” even though its a master trick. So can anybody help me out with some crowd pleasers?

I know that EVERYBODY loves boingy boing. Maybe revolutions or jade whips. Also, try to go a bit fast to make people really be like "woah look at him go! I’ve done some school talent shows myself and personally these are crowd pleasers.

Bring a responsive yoyo and so some loopers, then switch to more advanced tricks. This will show people your variety of skill and is really awesome to look at!

Why does everyone do this with a week or less to go?

First, consider your audience. They aren’t yoyo people. That isn’t to suggest that they won’t like what you’re doing, they just won’t appreciate some of what you will be doing. Cater to them a bit

Non-yoyo’ers like the simpler stuff. They are past walk the dog, sleeper, creeper and gravity pull, but Stop and Go they’ll enjoy as well as picture tricks, so work a few in. Variations on Rock The Baby go very well and let you pad your routine. Dizzy Baby, Pyramid, small baby…

BIG tricks get good pop from the audience. Eli Hops is a proven crowd pleased, as is boing-e-boing. I can’t do boing-e-boing yet myself so I’ve skipped it for now. Boomerang might be another to consider. Variants on boing-e-boing are almost always well received. Gondola isn’t terribly difficult and the crowds tend to like this.

Other tricks that are expected are many of the split bottom mount tricks. Atom Bomb is expected as well as split the atom/braintwister(if not from the split bottom mount). Mach 5 is usually well received. The Zippper usually does well due to the up and down movement of your arms, which makes it look like a lot more is going on than there really is.

There are other tricks that aren’t too difficult and the crowd seems to like it:
Asian pops. If you can aim it(I can’t), that helps a lot and gives more wow factor and let’s you stretch the trick out.
McBride’s Roller Coaster is borderline as far as “too technical vs good for show”. It’s not too technical and not overly busy so it’s safe to add it in.
Buddha’s Revenge is ideal and you can add more repeats into it if you want to. Since you end up in the 1.5 mount you started with, I will tend to exit with swinging it out into a Trapeze and bro, to a double or nothing, then into a trapeze and then bind. The extra movement catches eyes. This is also the appeal of Rewind to crowds.

Kwijibo is another you can throw in if you want. It’s not too short and can be done in the middle of a combo sequence. It’s also not too complicated. Spirit bomb, if done smoothly, will be well received.

Shockwave can be done, but just ensure you’re good on it. Keep in mind they can’t see all the technical parts of it, so they might not care on this one.

Grinds. People aren’t aware of grinds. They’ll react well. Green Triangles, always a hit because you COULD get a knot and the audience seems to know this as well, so it’s that “danger” aspect that wins you on this one. If you’re gonna do horizontal, please do a finger spin grind, they’ll be blown away, especially if you can bind it back by throwing that loop and then moving your hands together. Don’t do too much horizontal though.

Whips, slacks and suicides can be integrated in as desired but not too much. How much depends on your routine.

If you can, vary your binds.

You’ll also want to throw in some technical things you enjoy for yourself. If you do choose this route, consider this:
Bring in the audience with stuff they’ll relate to and react positively to, such as 3-5 tricks, then something for yourself. Repeat in this kind of manner throughout your routine. If you pull them in, you can then be allowed to do your super-tech stuff.

End strong. Sky bind. Or the Ann Bind.

Depending on the length of your routine, you may be allowed time to swap stuff out. If you can do some 5A, that might add some wow factor, as well as 4A if you can do a few tricks. Barrel rolls, L/R pops, over-whip, rolling star and open whip bind will get you done. Anything else will get you more reaction, so feel free to add. With 5A, like with 4A, audiences aren’t aware of these styles, so you can get away with a bit more.

Us time is a big deal because I get about 2 minutes

Ya I only get 2 minutes so I really need to chose what I can add in. And last year I did this same thing and make up my routine untill the day before the show and I was still the highlight so my compitition is not to high. :wink:

Jump over Eli hips

Jump over red triangle or whatever Jensen did at worlds

Texas Cowboy

Speed impresses the crowd as do all sorts of Eli hops.
If you can incorporate lying down that’s cool too.

2 miniutes?

1 style only. 1A all the way.

Same rules still apply. Bring the audience in, then technical for you, then repeat that type of pattern.

Ya good idea

I was thinking start with really basic beginner stuff that everyone knows moving pretty slowly and build up to technical stuff that will blow their minds at the end. :slight_smile:

That’s what I usualy true to do

-Trapeze Triangle Slack
-Cheese whip
-GT Laceration

Tech Stuff:
-Eli Hops
-Leg Wrap Trap
-Any Grind
-Boingy Boing
-Skin the Gerbil/Hamster

Good luck.

^wouldnt quite call that tech…

But I wouldn’t actually do any really techy tricks. They’re not as impressive from far away. Try tricks with exaggerated motions and incorporate body tricks.

Mentioned before but leg wraps are a must. If you can do the double leg wrap (paul han does this quite a bit), that’s even better

This. Body wraps are huge crowd pleaders.

Does “tech tricks” mean drawing pictures with the string or yo-yo movements? Because that’s what it means in poi. Drawing squares and such with the poi movements.

Sorry. Accidentaly posted