What tricks impress at a contest or talent show?

Hey im not sure what tricks impress people who dont yoyo or even know what it is. Its for my school talent show in october

Gyro flop.

Eli hops.


Leg wrap trap.

Mach Five.

Boingy-e-boing, Arm/Finger grind, Follow, Suicide(any variations), Gyro flop, Seasick. Tricks we take for granted basically

Usually fast hiroyuki suzuki like combos blow my friends away

People not “in the know” get confused and bewildered with the technical tricks.

Your routine should include some holds. Do SOME tech tricks for yourself, but for the most part focus on tried and true crowd pleases. The tech tricks will give you an edge against other people who might be doing the same thing, but then also gives you a chance to just break it up with the more simpler tricks.

Knowing what I know, the standards are great. Rock the baby, walk the dog, picture tricks or anything that can result in a tower formation. Eli hops, Mach 5, a few simple repeaters, they are flashy and are “big” and should get a good crowd response. I’m working on McBride’s Roller Coaster and Buddha’s Revenge. These aren’t too complicated, so if you don’t do them at break-neck speed, they’ll be fine. I’m also working on kwijibo and for the most part people won’t really get this one. Eli hops is coming easier and easier, but I still need a lot of work on it.

Boingy-Bong and gyro flops look way cool, yet are simple looking when compared to other stuff.

Grinds of any kind will be well received for the most part. If you can do palm grinds that will be great. If you can do that rolling grind start like JD does, that should kill. Any sort of start from a dead yoyo should go over good as people in general don’t know about that.

Other stuff you might consider is if you can do it, different styles. This lets you break things up, expand your routine and use up your allotted time. Most people don’t know about 4A and 5A. Odds are they don’t know 3A either, but they’ve seen 2A.

i’d like to add that people love tricks where you cross your arms.

Thx every one see how many we get for every one to look at so they have an idea on what to do

When it came to talent shows I figured out that, as Studio42 said, that picture tricks really impress the crowd. However if you are on a stage that is lifted and farther away, people in the back might have a hard time seeing the picture. Other than that Eli hops pretty much won them over at my show. If they don’t know how to yoyo you can pretty much pull anything off and they will be impressed.
Just have fun!

Whatever you do don’t do small tricks! People get bored of that and now matter how cool tech tricks look to us it all looks the same to the non yo yo crowd. So, how do we avoid this? “Go Big!”-Ben Conde. Do big, fun, really cool tricks that leave the people in the crowd awestruck at how that could possibly happen. Do lots of different tricks that do not look very similar because once again that could all look the same too. Not to toot my own horn but I might post a video of my last show so you can see what worked and what didn’t to help you with yours but that may seem a bit self-centered…Anyways! Leg wrap trap is a lifesaver! Every crowd I’ve done it for has been completely blown away by it! Believe it or not lacerations are really cool if you do them in a way that looks hard (i.e. double laceration out of a trick or something and land it :slight_smile: ). SOME slacks/whips can be very helpful, don’t do a ton of them but a jade whip combo is really cool to watch! Make up your own tricks that are “visually stunning”, one of the best reactions I got from the crowd at my last show (other than doing leg wrap trap) was doing a trick I made up. Put a new spin on around the world! Make it more intersting such as doing continuous around the world’s while moving yourself around and such. Don’t overwhelm them with eli hops but make sure they are in there. Behind the back tricks of any kind are awesome to watch too! Boingy Boing is always a great crowd pleaser but make sure you do it long enough that they actually notice it! Lastly, grinds are definitely a hit! Do an arm grind all the way up your arm and people will be blown away! Palm grinds are good too but arm grinds are really where it’s at when performing for a crowd. Lastly, just have fun! People don’t usually know when you mess up so just have a good time and do some cool tricks!