Im in my school talent show what now?

I know one of these dreaded threads once again but apparently I’m in my school talent show due to some teachers begging me to audition. I know our talent show is that desperate for people or talent because most of it us singing. So what should I do for tricks? I’m yoyoing to anti gravity by Lindsey stiriling and I have no idea what tricks to do. As of now I have no routine because the audition was completely last minute because I had no idea I was going to audition.
By the way the link to the music is down below

Clear your mind, play your music, and throw. See what seems to flow naturally and remember that the non yo-yoing world appreciates less complicated tricks. Add some things like eli hops and gyro flops and life will be good.

That should give you a good start. Just refine it from there and you’ll do great.


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I’d try some if these tricks:looping, boingy boing, revolutions, Eli hops, Montgomery twist, trapeze and his bro slack, whips, Ann’s magic trick,simple repeaters maybe, that one wrist mount slack thing (you did it once in a vid), etc.
You probably know a lot of these, but im sayin to try them out at the show.
I didn’t hear the song, but make sure it’s good for style and not too fast.

Good luck!!!

Kind of what skitrz said, the non yoyo world isn’t in to fancy tricks, but basic ones. I don’t know your skill level in yoyoing BUT what I do know is that almost everybody in the crowd would think your performance will beat the singers if you just walk the dog. I almost guarantee that if you just walk the dog, you’ll beat all the singers. Good luck. And yes, also the crowd will go crazy for the boingy boing as well.

Oh my gosh Lindsey stirling is my favorite!
And as tricks go, boings, Eli hops, and anything fast is always good. Don’t do too much tech because a non Yoyoer crowd won’t appreciate it as much as the yoyo comminity

An arm grind will impress more than walk the dog in my case, plus you don’t destroy your Throw when you do it.

If you want to make a quick performance use simple tricks and lots of repeaters. I’m gonna audition for mine and I’m gonna put in so many Eli hops, Boomerangs, Pinwheels, and Asian Pops.

one really big thing is MOVE. don’t spend the whole time in one spot staring at your yoyo. if you can glance up and smile at the crowd. move with your tricks and use the stage. Also if you can add something extra that is always good.

For example when I did one I came on dressed like a complete nerd. Sweatpants, huge glasses, ill fitting collared shirt and awkward stance. Then in complete silence I did a gravity pull, rock the baby and attempted a loop and messed it up (intentionally). I rushed off the stage as if I was embarrassed. A few seconds later music came on, I came out in normal clothes and amazed everyone with tricks. And then I used a blacklight just to further freak everyone out. That’s just an example really anything you can add, comedy, or something cool, will make your performance considerably better.

I alway’s cite the video below when this question is asked. Mostly because people would be impressed if you just went oldschool and did this sort of thing.

as everyone has already stated … simple tricks… work the stage… and crowd.