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So guys im going in my school talent show. First i wanted to go in just to kinda “spread the word” of yoyoing to the public. So i want to put on a great preformance. So aside from me getting nervous and barfing on stage i was wondering what type of tricks so i do to entertain everyone. So if you could, please post some tutorials of some cool tricks. The help is appreciated

Thanks :smiley:

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Do as many eli hops variations as you can.


You should totally read this.


Remember rule #6 of the 66 rules for yo-yo players. #6 WHEN PERFORMING FOR AN AUDIENCE, ALWAYS LOOK BETTER THAN THEY DO. Good luck and have fun. tim

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Whips and suicides totally impress people. ELI HOPS! are the key. And if you got time, learn off-string, off-string WOW’s people the most. Good Luck.

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High 5A aerials also do the trick.

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Eli hops, gyro flops, mach 5, grinds

but more important is that you prepare your set way in advance in order to be able to perform smooth and clean

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your going to the school talent show? i did on may 12th at my school. i was the best!!! also try to get the people going. like wave your hands up rapidly to get more attention then they will go like, YEAHHHH!!! eli hops, jump over the yoyo, and yoyo behind your back. also they also like boingy boing. that is exactly what i did and they just love it!!! try to do tricks that move quickly up, sideways, or anything new. like next year i am going to do my talent show in the dark with a starlite. trust me i know. send me a message if you need more advice.

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Thanks for all the great advice guys ;D. Today my parts package came in and now all my throws are good as new so i can start planning the routine, with the advice i got, its gonna be way better then before :smiley:

i was in a school talent show this year.i did yoyo,diabolo,and contact juggling.
the contact juggling was kinda hard because all of the kids were screaming
i had a great time.

revolutions and eli hops make the crowd go :o

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I would have done my school’s talent show but I lost the form and I was due today. :’(
Ask a friend to watch some tricks and ask him witch ones look the coolest.

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As dumb as it may sound you might want to throw in a walk the dog in some where. I can’t tell you how many people I show cool tricks and then they say to walk the dog and I do it and that’s what they get the most excited about… I don’t know it’s up to you but I think people would enjoy it.

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Don’t do this. I’m on stage a lot, for different reasons. it isn’t always yoyoing. While audience interaction is good, trying to “pump them up” is an opportunity for you to bomb. If you try to hype them up, you look like a tool, and you may only hear cricket chirps, which WILL psyche you out. The most important thing to remember is to match their energy. There are two good routes to take. If your audience isn’t all that excitable, then just do a routine that should impress them. Trick clap clap Trick clap clap. Still try to sell your tricks, just not to much, otherwise you’ll come off as annoying. If your audience is really into it, then go out and have A LOT of fun. But one of the most important things is to read your audience, and not hold back, but don’t force anything on them either.

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Just perform in front of a giant American flag…with the Star Spangled Banner playing…no matter how bad you do…they have to applauded…
And if you want to win mention “the troops”….

Fixed(look at the profile).

Thats pretty funny. I was talking with a dude who played Trombone with the Ohio State Marching band and he mentioned always doing a patriotic show for the OSU vs michigan game. I asked why and he said something like this. “People from that state up north can hate Ohio and boo us as much as they want… But no one hates or boos America” lol

I agree with several people before me. Hops… If you can do hops and then catch it behind your head, its legit and makes non-yoyoers freak

Ya im Canaidian (eh)

that doesn’t make you a bad person…!

HA :smiley: