Help! I Signed Up For a School Talent Show!

So… I signed up for a school talent show, and I’m feeling like I’ll get up and miss tricks and embarrass myself. Any advice on performing? (throw to use, pad color, string length, performance length etc.) Also it’s in front of 700 other ninth graders and I’m just a little bit nervous.


I completed in a talent show recently so I got this. I used the yo-yo that I could do all my tricks the easiest with. I just used my normal pad/string setup. I did a ~3min performance. Do a lot of tricks that are impressive to the common person, ie eli hops, body tricks, behind the back picture tricks.No need to be nervous because my performance I messed up a lot (even a yo-yo change!) and nobody noticed AND I won! If your able also considered doing another style in your performance, I did 20 sec of 2a at the end of mine even though I’m not very good. Hopes this helps! I might get a vid of my performance if I can find it.


Use the yoyo you use the most. Have at least 3 backups with open slip knots.

Avoid tech like the PLAGUE.

Audiences like speed, horizontal, Eli hops, behind the back stuff, maybe some lord of the flies type slack.

Heres a video from my talent show performance. You can’t see at first, but the lighting gets much better shortly into the video.


Even though I’m following what you’re saying because I know all of that already, I’m doing tech in the slow parts of my new talent show routine. I use talent show to practice for contests

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Yeah it’s all down to personal preference for sure. Good luck on your performance!

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I forgot to mention backups.

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Wow! Really nice performance!! This makes me wish there was an AP division at contests other than worlds.

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Really bank on recovery, most wont tell mistakes, so if you make a mistake just play on it the best you can and don’t try to hit it again

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There’s got to be some sort of law of nature that states “people who don’t know yoyo can’t tell when you mess up” cuz they never stop clapping idk.

Pretty much just yoyo like you would on your own on stage. People like watching other people enjoy what they do. But if you’re insistent in having an actual routine, go for showmanship. Play flashy tricks and bangers, but don’t forget that switching to yoyos of other styles can add that extra wow factor. 4a for one is really cool to watch and not too difficult to pick up.

Mel-hops. People go crazy for Mel-hops. Also, Magic Trick & gyroscopic flop amaze the crowds.

What’s Mel hops? I already know the other two.

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Here’s my performance. As you can see it’s pretty mediocre but… nobody noticed! Not as good as @nightshadow , the music is pretty much impossible to choreograph.


It is an older trick, invented by Brian Melford of the New York YoYo Club (and formerly of Team Yoyo Community).


Like other people said, best throw to use is the one that makes it easiest. I’d suggest a Draupnir or Hummingbird over a Deep State lol. Since you’ll be doing flashy and speed stuff, a shorter string length would be best. Do LOTS of really fast stuff with hops thrown in. If you can manage a fingerspin, crowds always go crazy for that lol.

Good luck and update us on how it goes!

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How’d it go?

Actually my school got shut down because of Coronavirus, so… Next year?