School Talent Show Trick Ideas? (and other suggestions also welcome!)

 So I've got my school Talent Show coming up and the auditions are this coming Friday and Monday (I'm going to the Monday one).
 I will keep you guys up to date on the talent show and how it works and everything else (I don't really know much either... not even the prizes.)
 Can you guys also suggest which tricks I should do (I have an idea so far but I might need some suggestions.)  How I'm thinking I should do this is have a complicated trick for a bit then do something that non-throwers can recognize and do more complicated tricks then do something recognizable... etc.  Here's a list so far and I will modify it each time someone suggests a trick that I may be using (remember this isn't the full list of what I'm actually going to do but rather, a list of tricks that I will have a thought about, from here, I will go onto listing down my final routine).

List of tricks:
Gyroscopic flop
Skin the gerbil
Mach 5/Mondial/barrel rolls combo
Boingy boing
One and a half mount combo
Mcbride rollercoaster
Arm grind
Thumb grind
Cold fusion
Dr strange
Double or nothing via whip (made up)
Green triangle variations
Rock the baby
Jamaican flag (it also looks like the Scottish flag which is where I’m from)
Around the world (rapid, fast, 10 at once)
Inside loops
Outside loops
Hop the fence
Walk the dog (maybe)
Brain twister (rapid fast)
Zipper straight after brain twister
Stop and go
Under the leg trapeze and bind
5a 360 trapeze release
5a basic stall
5a atom smasher
5a nunchuck
Texas cowboy (learning it)

The school talent show is back up and I’m going to it next week. There’s 2 sets of auditions; one yesterday (Thursday) and the second, next Thursday (on the 10th of October). Some more information: There are prizes, although I don’t know what they are and also, the auditions are in a classroom, the talent show is mostly student led and I think they will pick people to go straight to the ‘finals’.

There is probably some new yoyoers since this thread was made ( ;D GO YOYO COMMUNITY) or maybe some of you didn’t see this before but I’m still looking for suggestions for tricks.

don’t forget these …  ;D

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Thank you… not sure if this was a serious post or not (with all the sleepers, forward passes and around the worlds) but it made me remember rock the baby and looping tricks!

heck yeah it was serious… the classics are always a good choice.

Especially to non throwers… nobody off the street or a kid is going to ask you to do Kwijibo unless they play yoyo themselves. They want you to walk the dog, rock the baby, around the world, UFO, Stop and Go … etc…


Revolutions, some eli hops, texas cowboy, leg wrap trap, and slack tricks I think should do

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I’m working on revolutions by the way and thanks.

Sky Rocket in the end. :]

I just performed at my school’s talent show this week and by far their favorite tricks were leg wrap trap, boing boing, jade whip/follow stuff, grinds, and they really enjoyed the little 5a I can do. Just have fun and don’t do much if any tech at all because it won’t make sense to the general public. Big flashy different tricks are the ones people love Hope that helps

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I’ll be changing yoyos (1a, single-handed looping, 5a) but unfortunately, I won’t end with my responsive yoyo but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

On other notices, I know that there is an audition where apparently loads of people go to but the next round is the finals straight away but only 10 or 11 people are picked. The auditions are after school in the music department and the finals is a show (probably at 6 or 7 o’clock I’m guessing) where people can buy tickets to watch. I think after the final 10, the judges will pick 3 performances to perform again and decide the winner (it was like that last year I think.)

learn 2a and you’re golden

Just Do flashy Yoyo tricks like Eli hops also arm grinds and finger grinds are great to use when people want to see some old style Yoyo tricks.

 Hmmm... the Talent Show has been delayed until October (or something like that) due to the auditioners only being in my year (it's supposed to be a school thing).  I will still be going however and this time there might somewhat be more people (for some reason there was only 5 people that went including me on the Monday audition and I have no idea how many people turned up on the Friday audition) but because it's October, there will be a new set of first years who could be interested in the talent show (new term starts August.)

I think you should start a bit smaller. You’ve got a decent range of tricks in there.

What you might want to do is break it down a bit. If you’re going to mix styles, that’s fine, but keep each style to it’s own “block”.

Some of the picture and basic tricks, you might see about doing those with a responsive yoyo. Engage the audience, get their attention with these crowd pleasing simple tricks. Get ready to swap out. Start your routine with a gravity pull, then a sleeper for 2-5 seconds and then tug it back. Do some tricks. End that little bit how you started, then swap to an unresponsive yoyo. Do a forward throw or break-away, show how it won’t come back, then “oh yea!” and bind it back. Continue. Don’t do something too complicated yet. and save stuff like Bong-e-boing and Eli hops(because those are talent show crowd pleasers) for when you need to draw the audience back in. The cool thing about boing-e-boing is you have the over-under that really giives you more to work with. Eli hops has your regular hops, then that “doing a 360” with them as a trick for later on. You can also use gyro flops as another trick to break things up and change the pace, especially if you do multiple flops. Grinds should get decent reactions but I think most people won’t know what to make of them but should still react good.

I think if you can add some 3A and 4A in there too if time permits, mostly since people don’t see that. Most people are familiar with 2A looping. Even if ou just do some 2 handed loops inside and outside and maybe some hop the fence, that will be good enough.

As I said, good choice of tricks. Just make sure you just break it up. People not really into it can’t handle the barrage of fast moves. They need frequent breaks to simpler stuff. You have to realize your audience isn’t yoyo people, it’s regular people. Focus more on connecting to the audience, which might be difficult.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I can’t do 3a at all and I’m not prepared for 4a (in case I drop my only Go Big) but yeah, the tricks above are only ideas and suggestions so I won’t be using them all. I’ve already got a kind of idea of how to start though. ;D

I can agree with your logic for 3A and 4A. I can’t do 3A, but I do have plenty of 4A stuff and I can do a few decent tricks, although nothing super amazing. Having only one right now is a good reason to skip. If you lose it, it looks really lame.

I would suggest doing looping 2 handed. Doing it 1 handed looks a bit silly. Just see if you can get 10 loops in each hand, inside and outside, and hop the fence. Or I’d just skip looping entirely for now. Looping is hard. You can do forward pass and around the world and a breakaway in your responsive portion, and if your yoyo is responsive enough, a couple of loops(or more). That might be a good starting point actually.

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The trick that Marcus Koh did for worlds 2012. I’m not sure of the name but it looks like a snake or something when he does it.

I find this thread really useful because i’m going to try to enter the Talent Show at my school. Even though I’m very confident in 4a, I want to stick to 1a.

Sometimes as a yo-yoer you forget what really impresses a crowd. That’s why I like this thread.

That’s why contests are not necessarily the best place for someone not “inside” should stick around and view for long periods of time. It just makes their eyes cross!

At a school talent show, pretty much evrybody knows nothing about yoyo tricks so cool simple, flash tricks are just as good as long complex combos. Make sure to add the flash stuff like boingy boing, thumb grinds, other grinds, green triangle variations, a double or nothing via whip seems cool too and some poppy tricks like kwijibo and perhaps end with a gyroscopic flop.

I am also having my school talent show the last week of the schoolyear and ill add a little video of my routine when i get it consistnt and talent show is not too far away… On ur list for 1a, theres some stuff that you can do but i cant, some of which im working on(like kwijibo), and theres some tricks i can do but arent on ur list but in general, we are very similar in skill level. At ur level, i think u can handle and whut, i cando it, just inconsistent. Go take anlook at andres tutorial, its not tricky, its just long. If u get that onsistent maybe u can throw that into ur routine too

Some 5a or maybe some slack tricks or whips