Talent Show!

Hi, Were Having our town talent show On Sept 30. And I’m a pretty good yoyoer but not amazing. What Tricks Would you guys Recommend for me to put in my Performance? I’m going to be doing 1a and 4a.

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For 1a, tricks like boingyboing, revolutions, eli hops, the classics (walk the dog, rock the baby, etc.) and just other big flashy tricks. Generally people outside the yoyo community don’t really get what’s going on when you do really hard technical tricks.

as far as 4a, I think people are just amazed that it’s no attached to the string. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t really know 4a tricks, but I’d guess stuff like whip catches would be good. higher the better.


Also maybe watch some of the yoyoers that have been on america’s got talent. I think there’s been ian johnson, eric kolloski, and someone else.

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Do you think that tricks Like Haddock and stuff like that would be to flashy and complicated?

Not really flashy and complicated won’t really “amaze” people. Do what dynikus said and you’re good to go.

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do anything that shoots around. i did the talent show for yoyoing twice and probably will get picked for the next one. they really like yoyoing behind the back, eli hops, boingy boing, boomerang, and jumping over the yoyo. that is when they start to go like crazy. 4a do anything, also ask for the audience to go crazy. like move your hands up for them to go crazy. thanks!

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Other than big movements and big “action” tricks like large boing boings, eli hop; around the body tricks seriously do amaze them. Like I’m quite sure rarely any non-yoyoer has seen those tricks. Make em’ big. Around the neck and under the leg tricks seem to appeal.

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