Talent Show music help

I’m in need of help on choosing a song for a school talent show I’m attending and I’m not sure of what song I should use. The problem is that I’m looking for a song that is more pop oriented or upbeat so that people could get into it. I want to catch people’s attention because I feel that I could really entertain the crowd. I did the same talent show last year as a 7th grader (and won) but now I want to improve what I did. I already know how to put on a good show but I need a good song (school approriate) to go with it. Last year’s song that I used was More by Usher. If I can get a similar song like this one I’ll do well.
Although I do not like pop much and it’s not my favorite thing to yoyo to I need one because that’s what the people like. I would LOVE to yoyo to some rap,hip hop, rock,alternative metal (artists like eminem, linkin park, avenged sevenfold, tool, etc…),but I want to steal the show,own the stage,show that I know how to perform. So any suggestions, thoughts,comments,ideas, would truely help. Thank-you :slight_smile:

Some upbeat songs I like performing to are…

Bambina - Tomoyasu hotei: Takeshi’s 2012 5a song. It’s very high energy, has clean lyrics, and is very easy to choreograph to. It’s fast paced, so it be tough to keep up with

Dota - Basshunter: One of my go to songs. It starts off slow and ends high energy. Clean lyrics again, and suits just about any style of yoyoing, regardless of speed. Gradually increasing the amplitude of your tricks is the best way to win talent shows.

Come and get it - Krewella: Overused in the yoyo community (I’m guilty of it too), but it’s still a great song to yoyo to. Lots of fast bits, lots of slow bits, easy to yoyo to.

Anything by AC/DC: You have to clean of their songs a little bit, but it’s all high energy and makes for a great performances.

I recently used Krewella - Live For The Night (Pegboard Nerds Remix) for my talent show. It requires a little bit of cleaning, but this song is super upbeat.

Hey! I actually just found out the perfect song to use that I KNOW you will love! Look up the song “100 Million” by Jikay and Massappeals. Its this cool music where they mix rap and dubstep together called “trap music”. Look it up, I guarantee you’ll love it or your money back. You will steal the show. Good luck!

Oh oh oh! I found this remix of swan lake and its awesome! Has a nice beat to it i found it browsing on youtube.
Definitly take a look at it

If upbeat is what you are looking for try Attack Attack! Interlude. It has no words so it’s fine to use in school. (It’s what I’m using for our school’s talent show. :P)