Good school apropriate yoyoing song?

So a school talent show is coming up and i can probably win with the yoyo but i need a good song. I have thought of many good ones but none with no cussing or that are school apropriate for 6th grade. So can you guys post some good songs that my principal might actually aproove of?

just use a song that you like with no suggestive themes or language. Simple as that.

hahah! I am entering my talent show with my yoyo too:) I am in 7th and couldnt think of a song either…

use a techno song. no lyrics. unless beats can be offensive ;D

I recommend something good, a song that can match your style of play. I personally prefer some punk rock for my hard hitting and simple tricks.

Fast beat, meaningful lyrics. The girls will love ya ;).

If these aren’t your style then just go with whatever song you can match your tricks to! There is no Good Song. I even triple dog dare you to go with Justin Bieber :p!

JK on that last part. Music defines you. Don’t use a song that doesn’t define you and your tricks.

hey. can any1 possibly get the dv888 vid music, extract it to an mp3, and not have any audible watermarks? I love it! or, tell me how colorado is by the a-b theory, but take out the words. (profanity)

they are the same music, i just want it instrumental

Daft punk, Justice, and Ratatat are good techno. And Lecrae is a good rapper that isn’t profane.

This song isn’t too bad for a talent show.

I will likely use it for my talent show performance next year in 8th grade. :slight_smile:

Or you can just go with “Everybody dance now.”

But just use whatever style of music you like :slight_smile:

Do the gummy bear song that’s what me and my best friend did and it was pretty epic

Use an electronic song, and I highly suggest anything by Ratatat. :slight_smile:

I’d go w/ Daft Punk. Around the World and Technologic are very different. Just what yoyoing should be :slight_smile:

If you want to make some people laugh as they are amazed, I’d suggest this

17 years. sunday morning by the ko’s. such great heights by postal services-BTW i think the postal service version is the best. confide version sucks.