Talent Show


Hey I am going to try out for my school talent show on december 5th. It can be up to 3 minutes long. What songs would be good to yoyo to? What tricks make 1st through 8th go OMG? I am doing it alone. A red curtain is my background.


any song is fine, i would you black string, white shirt.


slacks, and boings really…


For songs, upbeat is really helpful. You could yoyo to just about any techno song, 99 red balloons by goldfinger is a real good one(although it’s rock) and also dance music (aka modern music aka usher, cascada, etc.).


Agreed good upbeat music would do but if you play fast or moderate choose a song that is faster but if you want to play slow then choose a slower one for trick slack and boings are good and body involved tricks too


What about Party Rock Anthem for a song?

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If you like Skillet (like me 8)), a lot of their songs are around that range of time, and have a very solid beat to them.


Well, here’s my thought, especially since I used to do this a lot.

Single song stuff CAN(not always) get monotonous. I’m not saying good or bad. The music needs to go with the routine and vice versa. It’s just hard to say WHERE to make the break.

So, let’s say you find the right music, well, now you have to choreograph to it, so in that case, the music is going to dictate to you more or less what you can or can’t do at any given point in time, which can be a bit rigid. A show I do is a shadowcast, and it’s grind. Literally. Once I press play on the video driving computer, there’s no stopping the motion. I mean, we have built in an intermission, where we can pause, but unlike theater, we’re on a timeline that otherwise CANNOT stop.

The other idea is to build a mix. Most DJ’s can do this. I am NOT a DJ, but rather an audio engineer, and I specialize in mixing for live bands, but I have a strong recording background. You bring in the music you want, and hopefully know what you want and then see if it can flow together. It doesn’t always work. I had to do a rush job recently, then make a very simple video for it(basically a background image), then run time code and then design a lighting show to go with it. Way over the top, but like the grind of the shadowcast, it was run that way.

But, what I’m saying is you might want to explore making a mix instead and then render it out as a single file. You CAN do this yourself, but you may want to have someone who knows what they are doing handle it. It really depends.

My other thoughts are:
At a yoyo contest, you’re more or less performing for your peers. They get it.
When you’re performng at a talent contest, you’re going to have to play UP to the crowd and judges. You’ve got to get them interested right away and then KEEP them interested, which may require you to cut to other songs, but then again it may not.

SEE the big picture. Practice a lot in front of a mirror and to a camera. If you have friends who can be objective, if they are willing, bring them in and use their feedback. This isn’t cheating. The objective is to do what you can to give yourself what you think will be an advantage. Also, finish BIG. If you start clean and end clean, the audience will forget the middle. The judges might not, but chances are, the same rule will apply as they aren’t specifically yoyo judges. We’re looking at the difference between judges that you just need to “wow” vs judges who have the training, skill and authority to tear your performance apart bit by bit and score or penalize you accordingly.

Trust me, use your time and whatever tricks(yoyo and otherwise) you have to give yourself an edge. Practice, record and review, mirrors, whatever you can do. Just, even though it’s a talent show, take it as seriously as if you were performing in front of proper judges.

I’ve been working in entertainment a LONG time. Use my advise. But I’d give the same advise to anyone in a talent show. Lots of practice and do whatever you can do to give yourself an edge. This is just good advice.

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I did my talent show last year and the year before
I would recommend a yellow string black t-shirt and a song that can get the crowd into it. Two years ago i used the gummy bear song and this year i used the time by black eyed peas

make sure you have extra yoyos ready and do big tricks that the crowd can notice i.e. eli hops, boing e boing, boomerang, horizontal yoyoing or jump over tricks and just make sure you have fun


Wow thanks a lot. That really helped.


Glad I could help.




Be flashy. Really flashy. Lacerations, behind the back, etc.


I won my talent show for 3 years in a row in my high school. I doesn’t really take anything hard to impress people who are not used to watching someone yoyo. Just do really “big” tricks. Some really fast easy moves make them really wow. I used Linkin Park for all of my songs. Lots of their songs are around 3 minutes long so it worked out fine. Good luck.


I just did a talent show at my school. I used derrezed by daft punk. Its the remix version. its 4 min but at 3min there is a couple sec pause so I just stop it there.

check out my vid if you want