junior high yoyo songs

So i know this has already been a thread but i cant find it so here we go

So my school talent show auditions are coming up and i need a song to yoyo
to. I am open to any ideas you guys give me aslong as theyre school appropriate.
So tell me what you guys think .

Thanks alot ;D

Viva! orion mix is a great song to yoyo to. Very school appropriate, and has an awesome sound that everyone loves.

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Even though I would never be caught yoyoing to it, D.A.N.C.E by Justice.

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Electric songs are great-They’re almost always clean.

These are some of my favorites:

Derrezed by Daft Punk
Seventeen Years by Ratatat
Superphil by Mr. Bear (and other Mr. Bear songs)

Also, Stars by Switchfoot is a great song- Itunes classifies it as pop, but it sounds more like rock.

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Hijack the song in the g5 video. lol
The A-B Theory - Alarm Clocks and Church Bells
at… uhh… some state tournament, ann connolly actually used it.

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Techno 100% I would recommend robot rock by daft punk

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Dude trust me techno is not the way to go. when I see people yoyo to it I always imagine them in an arcade on a DDR machine. I’m sorry I’m off topic… Anyways just pick something with a distinct beat where the audience can clap along to. In my school talent show I yoyoed to Wannabe by the Spice Girls and at PNWR I yoyoed to some MJ but I guess it really depends on your style.

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Anything bleepy by Mr Bear. I love that cat so much.

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Go on youtube and look up dubstep. Mostly no lyrics and very catchy. Probably not for most of you though. Worth a shot.


Yoyoninja boy by less than jake
anything by tokyo police club

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Dubstep is great if you can match the beat and presence. If you’re all quiet and reserved it’ll feel out of place, though.

Any dance or house will also work great.

You might want to stray away from straight up “techno” (many people these days don’t really know the real definition of techno) just becasue it’s a bit stereotypical and “nerdy”. That’s my opinion though.

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i was thinkin about caladria by drunkenmonkey what do ya think