I’ve come up with an awesome yoyo routine for a talent show coming up, just can’t find a good song to go with it. I don’t want it too have to fast of a beat (I cant be eric kolski) but i want it to be abstract. no metal, no language, and preferably no lyrics. PLEASE HELP ME!!! i only have a few weeks till the audition!! HELP!!!

These may not be what you’re looking for… but hey, figured I’d give it a shot (the more options the merrier, right?).  They’re also all songs with lyrics; I’m not familiar with too much instrumental stuff.

Heart by Jars of Clay
Electronic, very unique sound.  Once it gets going, it has a cool beat.  May be a little slow though.

The Veil by David Crowder*Band
More uptempo electronic song… still carries a unique feel to it, but not nearly as much as Heart.

Heaven also by Jars of Clay
Another more uptempo song.

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One of my favorites:

I remixed my version, took out the first bits of piano and cut down the lyrics, sped up the last part. Best freestyle song ever.  The change up- GOLD.

My favorites

Nuff said…

Why do you prefer no lyrics? JK, don’t answer that. Anyway, I use rock/alternitive songs. I never use bad or unclean music. All the music I listen to is clean. Here are some songs I’ve used in contests, or songs I am gonna use in a upcomming contest:
(I know, the music video’s stuipd, but the song rocks.)
(I know, this song is REALLY fast, even too fast for me. But just throwing this one out there, cause the song is sick.)

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Whisper and a Clamor, I love that song! Please post your freestyle to it!

I’ve used these

This for a rally:

In my opinion, lyrics are good because they help you find your place in the routine. With lyric, you know what’s coming up next.

I yoyoed to it at the DXL prelims, and nobody video’ed it. :frowning:

The song in the yuuksta video is a good one