need your opion on some yoyo music

alright so I’m getting ready for VA states cause i realize its coming faster than i think so i need you guys opinion on some music i might use for my competition and i need some pros and cons if i use ___ song for my routine if i get to finals

if you think there are any other songs i might let me know but please NO DUBSTEP! or elctro stuff if its like along the lines of ratatat or along those lines cause other wise i cant really listen to it cause i dont like it.

go with Lindsay! :slight_smile:

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

That song gets me pumped!

Is your style fast slow or in-between? Then ill tell you some songs according to that

it has a fast pace to it but with the slacks and grinds i do with it slows down at some points to give it that kind of memorized feel to it if you know what i mean.

trippy by antiserum would fit nicely

Defiantly go with Lindsay. Great song.

I would say Lindsay, she has an epic style of music. However, hello Seattle sounds sweet also, although the beginning is kind of slow, but I can see some sweet yoyo to any of those songs.

Any thing but radioactive. I love the song but it is a very common for people to use it ast contest.

Dont go for Radioactive. Any other song by Imagine Dragons would be fine, but Radioactive will basically kill any reputation you want to build.

All these songs are terrible, but if you’re going to use one of them, please whatever you do don’t pick Radioactive. Worst song of the decade by far. Overdone, overplayed, overhyped, poor production, and just all around a mediocre song.

Man what do you listen to? Beethoven? Lol

Not true Harrison Lee Used the song for his BAC Prelims

Radio active is an ok song but it is overly played I heard it like 3 or 4 times at MWR so I would say go for some thing different

The best advice I can give is DO NOT WHATEVER YOU DO USE ANYTHING FROM THE TOP 10 LIST in the past month. I can tell you those songs are so overused it’s ridiculous.

i love owl city! But as cool as hello Seattle is it doesn’t make for a very good contest song due to no tension build up if you know what i mean

I agree.

Some times when I go to contests( I kinda mentioned this in my other post) Theyll be like 3 0r 4 songs that get over played a ton

I know there’s a lot of dubstep hate, but I like:
Sunlight: modestep
Need your heart: Adventure club
Cinema: Skrillex
Raindrops: fyth, captain crunch, and Carmen Forbes

Also, on the other side if the spectrum. I like:
Red: confession, shadows, glass house
Thousand foot krutch: hurt, e for extinction, broken wing

Or Lindsey Stirling as suggested above. And I personally do like radioactive, but it is overused, so sparing the listeners may be a good idea.

And if you really wanna throw everyone for a loop, go with “What does the fox say”
That’d be an lol for everyone!

Harrison Lee isn’t building a reputation he’s already on course to win worlds in the next 2-3 years. :slight_smile:

That remix does have kind of a build up did you listen to it? The original definitely not lol