music for contests.

what are the best songs to throw to to get into a good tempo for a contest while doing the act
please leave a link bellow

Isn’t music based on taste? We could all just post in here forever, but w/e.

This gets me in the mood:


listen to Madeon (Icarus, Finale, and The City), Chase hadden’s sound cloud has super chill music. Seriously go check that stuff our now! It’s great :smiley:

Here’s chase hadden’s:

Here’s Madeon’s:

I just made a topic like this. Nobody responded to mine though.

I always try to throw to this but end of trying to sing it and mess up my combos  :smiley:

I would use Bombage by Tiesto.

This isn’t my favorite song in the world, but I think it would be good to throw to:

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This is great to get boosted before freestyle.

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In the end, it all depends on you. If you play fast or slow, if you like to move around the stage a lot, and just your won taste in music. Everyone here is going to post something that’s good for them, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. If you could provide a little more info on what kind of music you’re looking for and how you play, I’m sure we could find a good amount of music that would work a lot better. :slight_smile:

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Depends a ton on your style and mood.

Sometimes I feel fast and hyper and jumpy, so hardstyle would be my choice.

Other time I feel chill and calm, so I use some soft instrumental hip hop or sometimes even modern violin composition.

Depends on many factors that only you can decide.



Omg thank you for this! This took me back to my preteen years when Scatman John was my favorite artist haha. Made me legit sad for a few days when I heard he passed =(

Not sure what to recommend of contests, because it varies so much from person to person. For getting in the mood while practicing, though, I like to listen to anything by Floex (look him up, awesome chill stuff) or this song: