Favorite Kind of Music to Freestyle With (In front of audience)


Okay, so when I have done performaces in front of my school or something like that, an hour or so before the performance, I always wonder… what is the best type of music for me to play? The thing is, I am so guilty of this, but I know the faster the song, it will get me pumped up, and I will speed up my playing, yet everytime I do, I never hit any of my moves because I’m going to fast. Yoyo never lands on strings, and moves just never connect! Yet, I’m just a stupid hot head and I’m always gonna stick with the fast, up-beat songs. It also gets the crowd going too sometimes. I’ll just have to do more practicing myself to play at a fast pace.

What about you guys? What kind of songs do you prefer when performing in front of an audience? And does the choice affect your playing?


Well it depends on the event. School talent show, fast dubstep to get people in a good mood. For yoyo contests, I like a steady to a fast beat. I just practiced very hard, and now I play pretty good with fast music. Just practice. It sounds like you have good music and people enjoy your yoyoing so just practice playing fast. I also get more pumped up with fast music then I would have with slow music.


fast beat, but then again, i listen to older meatl and rock, like the Trashmen, so I don’t know.


I voted for steady tempo because a song that is too fast can make you look dumb if you aren’t very fast. You should go for an upbeat song, but a somewhat slow one. Meant to Live by Switchfoot comes to mind. Not too fast, but upbeat. But really, choose a song that you like and can yoyo to without making too many mistakes.