Freestyle HELP

I want to start freestyling but how the heck do u start? are there certain mounts that u do or what?
ANY response would help thanks :slight_smile:

I Just start from something like a 1&1/2 mount and play with the strings and practice that and get that smooth and then move on to the next part. hope i helped

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I usually start just throwing whatever I feel like doing at the time, sometimes I start from frount mounts and then move to tricks from breakaways, and other times I will start from something like a laceraction into a suicide then other stuff. The tricks is to just find tricks and moves that flow together and work it into some good music you like, then boom, bobs your uncle, your freestyling.
Just do what ever you want, thats why they call it freestyling, because you can do whatever you want.

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Well, first of all, o don’t have to start with any mount if you dont want to. you could do around the wrold for all i care, but you probably would want to go into a mount eventually. Basically you just mess around with you yoyo. A lot of times your stringing tricks togethor into combos, but sometimes you through in a move thats not a trick (i find it’s usually to get to another mount). Plus it helps if you have a vast trick knowledge. Im probably not the best person to give advice. I’d pm samad and see if he can help you.

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ok cool thanks guys! ;D

Learning many tricks and finding a comfort zone is important. Playing with music is good so you can sync up your rhythm with the beatz. Linking tricks together and making it look good can be challenging at first, but its all about trial and error and having the knowledge of what works good together.

Do tricks you are comfortable with. Also, change the speed of your yoyoing to match the speed of the music. Transition between tricks smoothly, too. Some tricks just go together better than others. Just find out what tricks flow together. Hope this helped. :wink: