well I’ve basically come to a halt as of tricks. I think the main problem behind this is that i don’t know to many mounts. (Or im just really bad =/) i find myself doing the same mounts and same thing over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over again. I’m pretty frustrated and wanted some help. What is a good mount to start from? ??? This is also verry bad because ive been like this for months and havent asked for help because i thought i would get out of this on my own but… i didn’t.

I’ve found myself in this situation many times. Once I make an amazing combo and try to make another one, I can’t, because same ideas from the old one come to me. What I’d do is learn someone else’s trick that you find really impressive, once you have it down, new idea will come to you, and you can throw in elements from the trick you learned into a new trick that you made. You don’t even have to learn an entire new trick, just elements from a trick.

1a is a cycle:
day one: No new tricks
day two: No new tricks


just fool around with know mounts.

pick up a responsive yoyo and do all the yoyo experts trick again, I think thats what apetrunk would say

How about or ?