Ways to Start Off Your Own Tricks


I am looking to make more of my own tricks, but I do not know how to start them. There are too many possible ways. Could anyone help?

Anybody, please?!

Improvise. Usually works best.

Try finding a mount from a trick you know, from there start hitting different strings than you usually do. Then you will see new things all the time.

ussually what i do is find a mount that exists and work from their, ussually do a hop or such, ooor i make a new mount, or use a little known one. like i ussed a string formation in candy rain that is used to get to houdini mount to make a kamakazi budesk trick. i went to that straight from trapeeze and went from their. you can literally use anything, but i like to keep my tricks simple. so basically you can use any string formation, and get your self in complicated, then get youreslf out in a new way than you came in. ok i see that i am rambling, let me know if it does not make sense! ;D

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You could try to find a new interesting way to get into a mount you already know. Take a well-known trick, like Slack Trapeze (or any trick you can think of), and try doing it a different way or using a different hand or something. Like, instead of flipping the slack over your arm in Slack Trapeze, try flipping it under your arm. Take something that looks cool to you from some freestyle on YouTube and try to duplicate it in a different way, and then incorporate that into your soon-to-be trick. There are so many possibilities…

The basic thing to remember is that there are really no rules when it comes to making up tricks. Do absolutely whatever you think is cool, and others are bound to think it’s cool too.

The easiest way to make a trick is to make a new mount, be creative! good luck ;D

Start by modifying tricks. Change a move here and there, hopefully make it look better, maybe add an extra step in Ladder Escape .etc. This will help you practice for making tricks.

Thank you everyone!

invented at least 20 different mounts (at least I think I created them) but very few tricks

I know it’s been said before, but be creative.  Use mounts you know and land or het different strings.  You might also want to go through different tricks and mess them up a little.

(the title may say making combos, but it’s for tricks too)

Unfortunatly, creating your own mounts is difficult. As said in previous posts, using pre made mounts helps a lot. Say you want to start a trick with Double or Nothing, instead of catching the yoyo on the front string, try catching it on the middle string and do something from there.

buddrumcorps, use your brain to make up your own tricks.

i’ve found that if you do things you normally wouldn’t do you usually discover a new trick

Hooray! http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3617.msg39286.html#msg39286


You can actually create your own by mixing mounts with tricks. My own trick starts off with a matrix, followed by a Houdini, a drop into a trapeze then matrix again and bind. It is a really cool trick and as you noticed it always land back in to a trapeze and once i completed the trick my yoyo i not spining well maybe it could still spin for 10-15 seconds so i need to bind quickly into my hand. :slight_smile:

I would recommend, as some have said, doing a mount you like and swinging the Yo-Yo onto strings you never use, you’ll probably open a gateway to some crazy string formation. Figuring out how to dismount from that stuff is the hard part. Also, use your thumb! I find that if you swing the Yo-Yo around your thumb while doing some trick you can already do, and then, getting the Yo-Yo tangled up in a way that seems beyond redemption, and if your lucky, when you drop the string on your thumb, you undo the whole mess of strings and end up in a trapeze or something. I discovered a whole new dismount for the Wrist-mount using my thumb!

Amendments: after my houdini drops into a trapeze i do a houdini again then a matrix followed by a bind

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