Starting My Own Tricks

I am going to start making my own tricks. Got any advice?

A good way to start is by using tricks u already know and combining them fluently…also u could start with a mount and just start trying different things good luck :smiley:

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Try starting with a ladder or 1.5 mount, because you can do alot with those. Think of steps of tricks you already know, then reverse those steps. Also, just try doing random stuff that looks cool.


Try doing variations of other tricks or just play with aroun until something cool just happens

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Try to make up another mount. If you can, it makes the trick all the better. Like the people before me I suggest starting off in a 1.5 mount. You can do a trick like Matrix where’s there’s only 3 steps (4 counting the extra roll). Just add some random elements until something clicks. Hope you make a good trick!

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