Need new tricks badly.

I saw a post like this before. I’m gonna do it too. I’ve been yoyoing for years. I can do And Whut, White Buddha, Spirit Bomb, Red Clover . . . etc. What would be some good tricks for me to learn. I just want to focus my attention a little. Thanks. I’m gonna check back in 20 minutes.

Start making your own combos and stamp one with a name. Most of the advanced tricks are variations and combos of earlier tricks. With your skill and talent, I think you can come up with something. Freestyle. Have fun. Invent.

Thanks. I do enjoy combos and splicing tricks.

Your welcome! :slight_smile: Something I am enjoying right now, although it’s probably a little noob for you, is throw a hop in the middle of the Matrix. I always like to go around at least three times. On the second or third time, instead of throwing in the typical dismount-to-roll from double-or-nothing, hop out of double or nothing into trapeze, and then get back into double-or-nothing by doing a reverse hop, or the traditional way. Just a thought. Think of stuff like this to do. Add your own flavor! I am exciting about hearing what you come up with!

I like it.

I have a few tricks I’ve been meaning to make tutorials for. I’ll try to get to it tonight.

You gotta get on a mount, and mess around to make your own tricks. Many tutorials on this board are self-made too.

Add some whips, slacks, maybe even suicides, and make it fun. Kinda like you are supposed to hit this string and then intentionally hit the other and something happens and ya…di…ya…di…ya…di…

i can’t remember the last time i learned someone elses trick haha. I make up all the tricks that i do. You should try to do the same. It takes a little practice but try new things like mounts and stuff like that. You’ll make a trick in no time.

here are some really cool mounts to get you started :slight_smile:


I watched the video a bunch of times but never got around to saying thanks. Thanks man.
This has all be really helpful.