Throw some ideas you have for a beginnerish combo. So far I can do a trapeze and a double or nothing consistently


Please share your thoughts and ideas!


Just keep learning tricks and the combos will come.


Give me a list of some beginner tricks that you like.


skin the gerbil

(Mk1 Yoyos) #5

Here’s some to try out:


Check out the Learn page on the YYExpert site or Yotricks first 50. Good luck!


Magic Trick is a fun trick, Eli Hops, zipper…I also recommend going through the tricks page on YoYoExpert, there are a lot of tricks to learn, and, the tutorials are good about pointing out what you need to know before you start.

(ZAC) #8

With those tricks you have learned in mind, I don’t think you would have to much difficulty learning rewind and matrix. That’s one of my favorite combos. I like to throw a kwijibo in there as well.


Great lead thank you MarkD!


Thank you Throwing Gnome!


Thank you French!


Thank you Z_Car!


A beginnerish combo I enjoy is a kwyjibo which lands you in a double or nothing so then turn that into cold fusion.

({John15}) #14

My first core set of staple tricks were:

The matrix

Buddha’s revenge

Houdini mount to kamakazi

And magic drop/ magic drop/ shockwave


Try the trick checklists!

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This of course raises the question of what is considered “beginnerish”. From the answers given in this topic, we must conclude that this community considers all the tricks in the YYE trick ladder to actually be beginner (or beginner-ish) tricks. Difficulty Inflation seems to have rendered the section labels of that trick ladder largely meaningless today.


Yes I definitely see what you are saying.

To clarify, by beginnerish I mean a difficulty in combos/tricks that is somewhere between a complete beginner and intermediate level (ie no tricks like walk the dog, around the world, rock the baby, etc etc). Combos/tricks that transition from the trapeze or double or nothing, into anywhere from 2 to 5 or so “simple” enough combos/tricks for a beginner like myself to practice on.

I quoted the word “simple,” because something like the Matrix combo which MarkD suggested is what I was looking for. When I break the movements down of that combo, it isn’t overly complicated to understand or overly difficult to execute for a beginner like myself given enough time and practice. It doesn’t require exceptional speed or precision for instance like many of the other tricks which are beyond my grasp for the time being.

({John15}) #18

One of my favorite combos I found is

Magic drop (landed on the front string)

Which sets you up for the brother variation of ninja vanish


Yes fair point!

It took me months and months to get it down. It took just as long to get kwijibo relatively accurately so in my head it really isn’t for beginners at all!

(Christopher Dougherty) #20

I love to throw side mount style? I think it’s because I stink at front mounting haha, double or nothing is awesome!! You can definitely make up you’re own combos with a trapeze and his brother into double or nothing, you can let the trapeze miss and let it the string wrap around your finger a few times, that’ll flare up the combo, should speed it up as well.