So I’m fairly new to yoyoing ( only about 2 months in) and I can do several advanced tricks (jade whip, laceration, ninja vanish, Buddhas revenge, double or nothing, 1.5 mount, grinds, slack…etc) but I just have trouble coming up with combos. Is there anything that could help?

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #2

Funny you should ask!
I have made the first two of a series of video’s on how to build a yoyo combo,

Check out the first 2 videos!


simple mix up the elements in the tricks you know for example once you do a jade whip open up the string, pop it up into a 1 and a half mount do the rest of kwijibo the pop into a trapeze and finish off with a suicude


One thing you might want to think about is learning some knew tricks. Hear me out before you stop reading or say, “I just want to use the tricks I know,” I know that, but this can help. One thing I know for a fact is that in Cold Fusion you learn to go from a Double or Nothing into a Buddha’s Revenge. Also another good trick to learn is Rewind. It will help give you an interesting way into a Double or Nothing.
Keep your spin, Bro