Does anyone have some fun easy yoyo combos they would like to share

This is really simple but here goes:

Barrel Rolls
Rip Cord/ Mach Five

cool but how do you get from the brain twister in the zipper to the split bottom mount in barrel rolls

When you go out of one of the mounts, just kind of pop forward and enter the Splitbottom mout.

I really lke Cold Fusion/ Buddha’s revenge for a simple combo

ok so its cold fusion then skin the gerbil REALLy fast and then kwijibo. i think its cool

I find it’s easier to make combos out of trick elements than it is to string tricks together. Break down your tricks into their steps. Each of these steps is essentially an “element”. Take bits and pieces of different tricks and string those together to make your own tricks and combos! After this, you’ll be able to discover your own elements and add those in to the ones you learned and make even more tricks. This also allows you to develop your own style (not division, but style!) of yoyoing!


First of all, I really like the idea gee_. You’ve been thanked :stuck_out_tongue:
But back to the original thread of mind in the post - I really like doing Skin the Gerbil, then Jade Whip and then Kwyjibo. Also I love performing the Matrix, followed by Cold Fusion, followed by Triangulation. Or Matrix then Suicide.

a simple easy combo I love to do is barrel rolls followed by boingy boingy into ripcord.

Laceration finger grind land on string then kwijibo then trapeze and his brother bounce back to trapeze then do a Green Triangle then bind

Maybe this won’t help much.
But try to stop thinking to get a trick done.
Instead, keep going into something else, and figure out new things, play with new mount and string formation.
And you will invent a new trick.

But here some advice.
Thumb mount, quajifence, gerbil, flow drop gt, dismount.


I do a trapeeze but before i do a couple swings then trapeeze and his bro and a whip out of tht and then matrix, to suicide to mach 5 to green triangle to braintwister