What COMBOS Do You Have?

Any cool combos? Show it here. Easier combos or real expert combos? I have some kind of combos which I like really much. Looks smooth and most importantly… EASY!!!

My Best - Rewind(extreme speed), Matrix(extreme speed), Cold Fusion(must be fast or skip this), Eli Hops x3, Skin the Gerbil(must be quite fast), Gyroscopic Flop(easy method)
Looks cool for easy tricks. Those noobs like me(I am a real noob, if you are looking from an expert’s view. I am at Advance part 2 - Expert part 1), enjoy impressing guys!

My short one - Rewind, Gyroscopic Flop(easy way)
Looks really smooth, but is a little short.

I call it “Kisses” (in response to the trick Hugs :P)
Chopsticks thumb mount
Ripcord into 1 1/2 mount
Roll out to undermount
Pass into Double or Nothing
Lindy loop onto TH pointer
Ripcord into Trapeze and Bro
Roll out to Trapeze
Rinse, lather, repeat
Mickey bind for extra flash

I’ll also throw a Trapeze and Bro slack (forwards and backwards) onto the end of just about anything. It’s pretty flashy and a fun way to top off any combo.

i think an awesome simple combo is when you throw a split bottom mount and then just mix it between barrel rolls and boingy-boing
try it

I got way too many, if you want to see some watch my 4 month vid and look out for my 6 month vid. My favorite is:

Chopsticks Wong Jensen X any amount - pop yoyo out to front while underpassing it to the string farthest to the left - shoot yoyo around the throw hand index and land on that string - drop string of thumb - roll yoyo clockwise once and you’ll be in a trapeze and bro- pop the yoyo from the back to the front string - drop string on throw hand to land in GT - dismount by popping out from the front.

i got a cool combo
split bottom mount
underpass over your non yohand
go onto the two strings on the front by pushing foward your non yohand
underpass over your throwhand
underpass over your non yohand backwards
do the part in ripcord but land on two strings and don’t land double
underpass over yourthrowhand backwards
do one atomic bomb
do one roll forwards
pop up like pop n fresh
go foward and land on the bottom string
double on split bottom mount
go off
go tho the back like seasick
move your throwhand up and boing boing 1 rep
go foward to split bottom mount
underpass like split the atom
prress your hands together
swing it inside and outside


You do realize the last post was in November?

Might as well post since it’s here lol. I use all of these combos, not really hard tho so medium players could  get a lot of it.

you pros and your complicated combos, all i need is my walk the dog to an around the world hahahahaha lol haha no not really mine actully read hard to desribe i mqy post a vid sometime… Look foward to it

1.Double or nothing kwijibo into black hops.
2.Matrix with eli hops in the middle into the zipper into gt pinwheels.
3. 2 atomic bombs into a backwards mack 5 into mondial.
Hope you like. Feel free to use.

  1. Laceration
  2. Matrix
  3. Eli hops
  4. Double green triangle.

Fun, simple combo.