Combo Ideas

I want cool combo that is impressive but I am not super good. I know all the beginner and intermediate tricks plus the matrix(on yoyoexpert). Any ideas?

Finger grind pop off behind you hand go into matrix green triangle then pop out I think it looks cool.

Double or nothing to Buddha and his vengeance to a seasick bow to a bind.

I was so confused by this at first, but I get it now. Not a bad combo! Will have to give it a try.

yeah im not very good at explaining tricks for some reason

Laceration to double green triangle to an Eiffel Tower ping pong then a trapeze and his brother slack and then bind

trapeze to trapeze to trapeze to bind

btw i am an innovator

You’ll probably win worlds with that. Only if your not disqualified for being to good.

Oh yeah? Double or nothing to double or nothing to double or nothing to bind. YOU JUST LOST, LOSA!

Not as impressed. :wink:

A couple barrel rolls, ripcord, go back into split bottom mount and do a split the atom. There’s not a whole lot with the intermediate tricks, but the split bottom mount combos are pretty cool.

TOO FLASHY. You’ll ruin the purity of the original combo.

I concur.