Combos!!! put up your favorite combos.

Hey guys, I am not really good with combos, so I was thinking of starting a thread for combos only, so that I can get Ideas and try them out.

Post your combos!! All your combos :slight_smile:

Ill start first : my only combo - Matrix to Buddhas revenge to skin the gerbil.

Thats about it for me. What about you guys?

Actually it’s more like … Skin the gerbil to matrix or buddahs revenge … Hard to combo all three.

IMO, try not to think of it as one trick into another, instead take parts of them, but instead of landing on string A, try landing on string B, and before you know it you have something new…

paul han slack - turnover whip - whip in to the gap - pick the string, follow - turn jade whip twice, cross my hand - reverse brent stole

So that’s what you guys think about combos. A lot of the combo’s out there are un-explainable. As zerrubabbel said you change different styles. You litterally create a new trick, except it’s much longer. ;D

Hahaha :smiley: NICE.

fIRST PART of yuuki slack but instead grab the inside string-roll into 1.5 mount-1.5 mount boingy boing-kwyjibo pop-matrix roll-custom trick called triangle tangle-green triangle suicide-follow-double wrist whip into a pac-man and voila :smiley:

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Gerbil-doublewhip-Gerbil… smooth and easy

Easy, fast and flashy:

Double or Nothing, Trapdoor, Reverse Trapeze, Double or Nothing…lather, rinse, repeat as many times as possible.

i think i might do that


my brother does one he does buddas reveng a eliehops and a cold fusion

I hate combos.

Eh. Combos aren’t impressive if you can spot out each trick side by side (though i do it just to get better at the tricks i’m having trouble with). You kinda have to to Frankinstien it, take bits an pieces from things and put it to one. Or, how i like it, listen to the yoyo. Where ever it wants to go take it there, it should be pretty rad.


i guess i started this topic because… combos are a way people make tricks up, just like what everyone else said here, i am still learning and i see crazy stuff every time i see a new video and I am like damn how did he do that lol

I get most or actually all of my stuff from this site , do you guys know any other good sites like this one to learn from?

i know a couple other ones, like high speed and youtube has some but i really like how Andre breaks it down and I have been able to learn things faster because of his teaching style.

but i know there are a lot of other stuff out there, what do you guys think?

I got a lot of help from this thread, thanks guys. I like brent stole - reverse whip - slack trapeze

Yes there is

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One of mine favorites is this

thats awesome, i am still trying to learn it :slight_smile: