Help with combos

What are some good tricks to learn and put together to make some sweet looking combos?

Depends on your level. The best combos are usually from tricks that are ones you invented. But you can put together anything that flows and call it a combo. Start from a mount and go from there.

I’ve been mixing matrix mcbrides roller coaster and some 1.5 mount stuff. It looks pretty cool I guess. I looking for more advanced stuff though.

Here’s one I like, and not overly complex
Start with triple or nothing. Bounce out of it back into a trapeze like the start of Black Hops. From the trapeze, throw the yoyo over your throw hand around into a double or nothing and an imediate matrix. Do one more matrix, except land it into a buhda mount (1.5 mount). From there do the one and a half suicide (you can find it on if you haven’t seen it). Roll out of that into a bind!
Hope it wasn’t too confusing

No that doesn’t sound bad at all. I’ll work on that when I get home from work (I need to bring my yoyo to work lol)

Who doesn’t bring their yoyo to work? :slight_smile: Also, what tricks do you know? That can help with what combos I would recomend

I know every mount, the matrix, mcbrides roller coaster, Buddhas revenge, cold fusion, suicides, rewind, and a bunch more. On the yoyo expert list I’m up to skin the gerbil

Learn kwijibo next. I think there are some great elements in that one.

Also a thing I call “brother slack.” Thats a cool one to throw in. go to trapeze and his brother, pinch, and roll your th, catch loo p

Refer to my post about how hard of a time I’m having with kwijibo lol

i found this one today and learned it pretty quick, I like it.

if you have learned trapeze and his brother slack you can go straight into a ninja vanish from there and pop out into a trapeze. its a short little end to combos i normally use cause it flows with just about everything.

A couple simple ones are cold fusion into kwijibo and mcbrides rollercoaster into skin the gerbil.

What is the general consensus on the first combo a person should learn?

One I’ve been working on is cold fusion to matrix to suicide. It looks really good when you hit it smoothly.

Wow, that guy is brilliant, thanks for the link :slight_smile:
Nearly all of my combos start with a 1.5 mount, it seems to flow right off of the throw, and from there I can get into pretty much anything. Same with double or nothing. Some good tricks to know for combos are tricks such as Matrix, McBrides roller coaster, and the first part of Yukki slack, they can really help set you up to make your own combos.