I need help making a combo. Out of tricks mainl like. spirit bomb, Double or nothing, Budahhs revenge… Im not the best at putting stuff together… Anyone got any ideas? I watch tutorials. But i just cant put tricks together! :frowning:

Same here! My only “combo” is rewind to skin the gerbil to brother slack to 1 matrix to the latter part of cold fusion to buddhas revenge. I think im getting better at it though… Anyway i will be watching this thread too.

I’m no good at this either… I think the people who are really good at this are also the people who have started making up their own tricks. That’s not me, either. :wink:

That said:

Any time you can get back to a familiar mount, you have the opportunity to combo it. Here’s one of my “idle” tricks:

  • Laceration (puts you in Trapeze)
  • Kwyjibo (end when you’re at Double-or-Nothing)
  • Hop from the D-o-N (instead of unwinding it) into trapeze
  • Jade Whip (leaves you in trapeze again)
  • Some sort of trick bind (I like Guy Wright bind)

I’m not saying it’s any great shakes. But you can see how there are opportunities. Instead of hopping to trapeze after the Kwyjibo, you could go into a Matrix because you’re already in D-o-N. Or instead of going into Jade Whip right away, you can do Kwyjibo as a repeater.

Even though the end of Spirit Bomb puts you into a wrist mount with an extra “twist”, you should be able to do most wrist mount based tricks chained onto a Spirit Bomb, either before or after. For example, I almost always take my Spirit Bomb and go into a Montgomery Twist (and then into a Jade Whip. :wink: That’s another idle combo I do a lot!)

When there aren’t opportunities that are immediately obvious, you can create them. In a recent video battle, I wanted to do Zipper at some point because I just like that trick and it has a lot of “amplitude” if you do it a certain way. But I was going into it out of a trick that was based on Split Bottom Mount (mach 5 I think!). Easy way to get to an undermount from split bottom is ripcord but without the bind. From there, I could transition into the Zipper.

Hope that sort of helps!

Ahh, should add making combos on my list of tutorials I’m planning to make :slight_smile:

Greg explained the process pretty well. It’s pretty simple once you start making some, easy stuff, justput elements from tricks you know together.

Here are some videos I made on creating your own combo, see if they help.

I get most of my inspiration for new combos from my local club.  I’m no good at learning whole tricks, but i do like learning elements, then building a combo off them.

Learn more “move” style tricks, and throw those into the mix. You’d be surprised how adding some “branding” to your 1.5 mount tricks, or tossing in a trapeze/bro slack can spruce things up. Or just elements from tricks you learn. Don’t do a whole kwijibo, just do the 1st or 2nd pop and segway into something else.

Moving from trick to trick is just like doing the trick ladder at a contest. Focus on individual moves/transitions, and start squeezing them in. Makes flowy combos way easier.

This may also help -,62066.0.html