Creating a Combo?

Do you have any tips on creating a combo? Up until this point I have been doing singular tricks and would like to try creating a combo. I note that a lot of contest tricks are combos and I would like to try making one of my own.

I find when linking tricks together its easiest to just find two or three tricks that have the same mount or motion to link together for easier transitions. Depending how advanced you are I put some below I like to use. (you can always leave a trick or two out - make stuff up as you go along)

Easy to moderate depending on skill level:
Laceration - Double or Nothing - Matrix - Double or Nothing - Cold Fusion - Buddha’s Revenge

Medium to hard:
Brother - Jedi Backflip - Perpetuum - Sky Bind

Hidemasa Hook - Kamikazee - Lindy Loop w/return

You may have to tweak it just a bit so that it goes smoothly together and just try different things out (maybe leave a part off here or there to transition easier)

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I just take tricks I like and can land 80% of the time and string them together in ways that mesh so it looks like one big trick.

When it comes to making combos you have to be creative and innovative. I find that a whole bunch of tricks end in a trapeze or gt. You can start off by doing a trick that lands in a mount (trapeze, 1.5 etc) then go on to another trick that starts from there. However, I find that the best way to make a combo is find ways to insert elements from one trick into another. In other words, take bits and peices (elements) from other tricks and fit them into another. Try out new combination of things and try to make it flow nicely.
Just like a Club DJ vs a Radio DJ. A Radio DJ will play one song after another while the Club DJ (if he knows what he is doing) will combine and guide the songs so that they fit and flow nicely.

Hope this helps!


Your DJ analogy sums it up perfectly.

Heres a little combo I like… Start with the first hop from Kwyjibo. From there do a Buddha’s Revenge, once you’re back into the 1.5 side mount, finish it off with the last half of Cold Fusion. From there you’re in a normal side mount and can transition into any trick you like… How about a few flips and then mount it around your throw hand for a nice Green Triangle finale??

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I quite like that DJ analogy =)


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