how do you create a combo trick?

how do you create a combo trick? ???

think about the style, slack, speed or techy. think about the mount, the elements (creat yourselves or add another people elements, that’s fine). it may be simple, or complicated, up to you. combo is a combination of tricks, that’s all. and 1 last thing

[quote=Rethinkyoyo]Less time spent trying to figure out something on your own means more time to start actually using that something and being creative with it

…Brandoide, we need you here now. Do what you do best…

OP: How you ask? You create them. You’ve already written it in the title, you create it. If you create, you experiment, you get the inspiration, you make the trick, and you make it happen. That’s how you make a combo/trick.

Wrist Mount, 1.5 mount Ladder Mount are great mounts to start on. Actually there’s another mount/structure that is 100% modifiable. Motorcycle. Yup, that beginner trick, Motorcycle. You can bounce the yoyo on any string and just make it up yourself.

Good Luck. It’s gonna be fun.

Is this what you mean skeleton?,22519.0.html,1545.0.html

… Or am I missing the point?

Yup, that’s it.