Tips for making up combos

I’ve been yoyoing for almost 2 years so I’m not a beginner or anything. But I’m running out of elements to use to make combos. No matter what I try, I just can’t make anything really good up. I’m getting tired of doing the same combos over and over. Anyone have any tips or videos for inspiration to make some stuff up?

Just go around looking at vids of your fav throwers, and when you see an element or trick you like, slow it down, learn it, and add something to it or change it up a bit to make it your own variation

Try this, either fool with a mount that is exclusive to a certain trick and play around with it, or incorporate a movement that is known for being in a certain mount and use it in a separate mount.

Watch Janos. 8)

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Ok so I tried watching Janos and he is just WAY too good and I found nothing that I could possibly do. Haha. I’m kinda messing around with the rancid milk mount to see if I can come up with anything. Sort of got something but it has no flow to it at all…I’m really lost with making up tech tricks right now.

I just do a lot if searching on YouTube to look for tuts. There’s a lot of great channels too.

Yeah same here I try to learn a lot of tricks but I’m trying to make up some stuff of my own too…

Ohhhhh, well today I learned a trick on YouTube, and modified it. Now it’s a little different and ends in a tower.

I also dont get how pros make up trucks so fast and easily… Haha

So they also work at Honda as well as yoyo?!?!

I guess I need to quit worrying that I’m not good and that I need to just have fun with learning or whatever haha.

No, Toyota.

Lo jk, stupid auto correct

I did this with the yuuki slack double or nothing u get after the first step, I have found a way to get into a fake gt into a trapeze with that thing :smiley: building up my combo from there
Can also do horizontal keychain to bind to regen to horizontal skin the gerbil, took a few days

Zammy made a tutorial on how to make a combo.  Here is the link…