easy-ish trick combos?

ive gotton pretty bored of the tricks on this site and most on any other i could find, is there any sites/videos i can goto and learn some cool stuff. ive been watching like the gopro videos(MA states and anything else i could find (check those out)) and i want to do stuff like that. im just not experienced enough to make anything up yet

Making things up doesn’t necessarily require a certain amount of experience, but rather “oh I like that trick, let me try to make my own variation” until you refine it into its own thing.

But regarding your predicament, just search YouTube, that always helps :slight_smile:

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This guy has great combo elements, build your own combo.

Rethinkyoyo.com has some pretty good tutorials.


So there are many options that you could choose from to learn tricks and elements.

One way of learning is just to watch experienced players do their tricks. Now when I say that, I don’t mean to full on try to mimic the trick, I mean to take certain elements out you like. Creating your own style is much more rewarding and fun in the long run, rather than just copying someone else.

Next you could watch tutorials. There are many more tricks out there then on this website. Youtube is always a great option for learning tricks. Learn and master a trick then move on knowing how to utilize all of the elements in the trick. Once you have mastered many elements start to play around. You will find that when you create your own tricks, yoyoing doesn’t feel like a trick grind and the yoyoing world opens up a lot! :slight_smile:

Hope I helped!

Thanks for the link defnitly like that site, ill work off of here for a while then ill probably start branching out and doing some original stuff, ive got alot of time XD, but ive been dreading the classic set list of trick i find everywhere rethinkyoyo defnitly what i needed.
Thank for the help everyone!

You could always make up ur own tricks, not that hard… u dont need to create a whole new element to make atrick, just use bits and pieces of tricks u know an dput them all together to make something new, and maybe add a little extra something u came up with while making the trick in their as well

I find if you know this

It brings a whole lot more of options to make combos easier and faster.

Do a laceration, go to brother mount, hop yoyo into air and land back into a trapeze, iron whip, bind.