Wondering what to do next... HELP !


Well guys, after 1 year of hardwork, it pays off as now I already learned all the tricks at YYE here uploaded by Andre Boulay.

And now I face a REAL big problem that related to my future development. I recently found out besides learning tricks, I’m not really good at making tricks except combos. I was kinda bored and watching videos of pros doesn’t really help…

How do I make / learn new tricks ? I really wish I could do at least a simple freestyle now…


i usually look at other peoples videos as well as learn some other tricks that are simple yet easy to do.


Watch some YouTube videos and take some of their ideas and add them to some of your ideas


great ! I’d heard of elements… so exactly where u guys start off ? wanna hear some seniors’ experiences :smiley:


http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62066.0.html you can look at Zammy’s tutorial, it has a lot of info on how to make a trick.