where do you learn your tricks?

hi guys,
I was looking in the video section of this forum and I saw some people doing pretty impressive combos. What I want to know is where do you learn all these combos? I don’t know any other yoyoers to teach me tricks so I have to learn everything online. Youtube has a bunch of tutorials but rethinkyoyo and onedropdesign (for example) doesnt teach those long, technical combos seen in those videos (and competition videos). Do you guys simply make up all these tricks? If so, i have a problem because im not very creative. 8)

The reason im asking is because I want to start competing, but a trick like kamaikaze isnt going to be worth many points… so I need to learn the hard stuff, but i have no idea where to start. I’m learning some decent elements from youtbue channels such as theyotard and cyberyo. But there arnt any tutorials on youtube that teach, say, laceration/whip combo elements that are commonly seen in competitions. any help? ??? ??? ???

Youtube is your best option…

You can always make stuff up. In fact, most of those “cool combos” have tricks those people make up in them. The main reason for learning tricks is just to get some elements (or building blocks) from them to make your own tricks.

but youtube doesnt give enough of those ‘elements’. for example: theres no tutorial on complex frontstyle combo elemtents, so how am I supposed to learn those? Sure youtube has tutorials on boingy boing and seasick, but how about those compelx manuevers you see in front stlye combos done by competitors. Where do i learn any of that?

My best advice is to watch a video by someone whose style you like and pick one part of one combo to learn.  I do that often.  Then pick a different video and learn a different element.  Put them together.

Keep your eye here, I’m just getting started, but I’m trying to focus on elements that can go into combo’s rather than just showing off my lengthy tricks.

I tried learning tricks from competition videos but its hard to see exactly what the player is doing. especially with all the technical stuff. Without multiple angles its hard to see exactly which string is going where.

Well if you need mulitiple angles in order to learn a trick, you’re, limiting yourself. Make your own tricks and get inspiration from others. Look at Jensen Kimmits smooth freestyle at 2011 worlds. You really don’t need mulitple angles to just get an idea of that, do you? Not doing exactly like them, but get ideas of mounts and ways to keep a combo going, they actually give of some good combos off their performances. I even made a new combo inspired by Jensen’s performance.

How I am learning combos is taking the tricks I already know and pay attention to the root of all of those tricks, basically how the tricks have similar elements or how they end up in the same place. Example: Skin the gerbil begins and ends with a trapeze, Kwijibo begins and ends on a trapeze; So do skin the gerbil and end with Kwijibo. After awhile you will notice elements in tricks that can add new tricks. So look for trapeze, 1.5 mounts, double or nothing in tricks and just keep it going it will get more technical as you go.

actually alexis jv has a really good frontstyle braintwister combo tutorial.

not anymore he deleted his youtube account. but he’s remaking some of his vids now and im soooo happy

Hey I hope that you do well in the competition scene, I am also going to go to a contest very soon. What I do is download any yoyo video that I like and then slow down the playback to pick it apart.


the link for the media player that i use. to slow down playback right above the play/pause button there is a double arrow pointing left, press it and it will slow down video up to 1/33 normal speed


the link for the video downloader that i use. to download a video just press the download button in the top left of the toolbar when it becomes bold and it will download any video on the page. works with youtube and yoyoexpert. not vimeo though. to see videos click the browse button in the toolbar and double click the folder that was the webpage you downloaded the video from.

good luck

Rethinkyoyo.com has some interesting tricks not shown on eye and search “Highspeed yoyo” on YouTube if you haven’t before.

On a side note, anyone know of any good 4a sites? It seems they are next to impossible to find.