Learning yoyo tricks

Alright so I previously made a yoyo trick thread and I took all your info and started learning the basics.So now after a few weeks I’ve basically mastered all those beginner tricks that you guys showed me. So now I REALLY wanna learn some combos and some cool string tricks like speed combos and tech combos and the more advanced tricks, can anyone guide me on what videos or tutorials I should look into it would be much appreciated


Hey man, can you let us know what tricks you learnt so far so we can build from there?
A good place to start would be by learning all the tricks on the yye trick tutorials. :slight_smile:

Good luck and keep practicing. Also you could participate in the trick a week challenge.
That would be a decent place to start.
This week we are learning Kamikaze

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Oh and I know I shouldn’t create too many threads it’s just I couldn’t find my old trick thread
Really sorry


there’s a search bar by the top right corner just click that then type in the name of the thread


Alright I learned the breakaway and trapeze and how to bind and I’m learning some mounts now like front mount and stuff but I’m really into combos and I want to know what mounts I should learn

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So for front style, I would learn, brain twister, split the atom, barrel rolls, boingy boing, mach 5, pop n fresh probably in that order that will get you started.

For side style, learn double or nothing, Matrix, rewind, 1.5 mount, buddhas revenge, cold fusion, eli hops, Kwyjibo probably in the order too. And then from there you can start combining to made combos and start working on more advanced tricks

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I’d say start with learning how to smoothly and consistently get into and out of each of various basic mounts: bottom, split bottom, trapeze, trapeze and brother, 1.5, double or nothing, wrist, kamikaze, and Houdini.
There’s a lot you can do even just by transitioning between mounts to build elements for your combos.
Sometimes I’ll watch tutorials for tricks too difficult for me, and just try to learn a couple elements from it to help build into a trick of my own.


Alright and what channel or video do I watch like yoyoexpert or yotricks or what

For some reason yotricks tutorials are really confusing for me

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try YoYoExpert

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Have you gone trick by trick through learn section?


Yeah I use both actually.
Because some tricks one of the videos might help you understand better.
So if you can watch both.
And if you really get stuck search for the trick on youtube and watch other videos.

When I really get stuck I ask on here and someone usually always helps me.

If you saw any of my videos before you would have seen I went from zero to now like a little above zero in the last 4 weeks :slight_smile:
And the above is all I did.

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I haven’t but you think I should bro

Yes; yes you should. They are an excellent resource for learning tricks. They are grouped by skill level to continually keep you challenged.

This, like most skills takes time, effort and practice.

You CAN get there so I hope you stick with things!
It can be super easy (for me at least) to only concentrate on the future…all the tricks I want to be able to do eventually…and to totally forget about the “now”. This can lead to burnout and frustration with the lack of progress I feel like I’m making.

It’s tough, and I totally get the frustration. But try really hard to just relax and have fun with this hobby. Enjoy the things you CAN do and instead of comparing yourself with others, allow yourself to be proud of what you HAVE accomplished!
I know this isn’t easy. I struggle a lot with these kinds of things. I’m too hard on myself.

But if you stick with it, keep working at it, and continue to have fun…you CAN get there! Who cares if it takes you 5 months, or 5 years…it’s all about the process and the end results!


Also, I’d encourage you to try and answer some of your own questions. You seem to repeat your questions a lot through here and reddit…when I think a simple google search, or youtube search would answer them for you.
Or like with this question specifically…you’ve already created a thread just like this one and people already gave you some great suggestions.
You say you took all the info people gave you…
But if you really did, then why did you need to ask the exact same question in a new thread?
This question was already answered.
I kinda feel like you flat out ignore people who try to help you.

Here’s a good example. I don’t know why you fee like you even need to ask this. How many times has it been answered to you?

I’m bored so I went back through your threads…here’s some examples of this question being answered already for you:

And there was a guy who even linked a bunch of video tutorials in a reply for you.
I’m willing to bet you got a lot of answers to similar questions to this on reddit as well.

It’s hard to expect people to invest their time and energy into answering your questions…when it doesn’t seem like you care enough to listen to anyone.

This is just my opinion of course.


Or like this for example.

You asked for a place to learn tricks from, someone posted a link to one for you…then you asked him again if he thinks you should use that site.
I mean…why should he have to answer the question he just answered for you AGAIN? Why expect him to repeat himself??
Or are you confused? Do you think he left the link to the site…made the suggestion for you…to try and convince you NOT to use the site or his suggestion?

Yes. He’s suggesting you try and use the link he left.
Why else would he have left it here?
I don’t get why you needed to say this…

I think a lot of frustration on your part, and other people’s…could be prevented if only you’d use a little common sense.


nah dude your good this happens to me all the time

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Do you realize the man who suggested you go through the learn section on YoYoExpert is the owner of yoyo expert(and the person in all the videos)? André has probably done more to teach people how to yoyo than anyone. He has personally taught my children and i tricks at the Yoyo School at his physical store. You should listen to his suggestions because he has probably seen all the mistakes people make when learning.

Also, keep in mind, there is a difference between being able to do a trick and doing the trick smoothly so it looks good, mastering the trick. For example any school child who joined band can, after a few months play the song “hot cross buns” note by note. Not very musical. However, when someone has mastered their instrument, they can take that simple song and make it amazing. That is the idea behind the tutorials here. Teach the simple so we can all work to make those tricks look amazing.