Skill building tricks?

I have been yoyoing off and on for about a year. Well I am back from a very long break of about 4 months. Yeah I know. Anyway, I think i’m back for good, but I was just wondering about something. When ever I watch videos of people on YoYo Expert I see them break out these crazy tricks and combos like it’s nothing. I get that it takes a lot of practice, what I want to know is… Are there any tricks out there that help you build up to those “crazy” combos? Like maybe foundation tricks?

if you have all of YYE trick tutorials down, then you may as well have all of your building blocks. i find it helpfull to know some things like chopsticks and other common tricks of course.

Really you can make up great combos by messing around with mounts. 1.5 mount has an almost unlimited amount of potential. Now that I think about it I am not sure of any foundation tricks (or at least none that jump in my head). Mostly it is learning alot of tricks and then breaking them apart, taking what you like about them, and then making your own thing…(in my case). Learn a bunch of tricks that you like or learn one specific element that drew you to a trick and then mess around with them. That is what I did with the 1.5 mount and I have made a very long and good combo. Also I am adding to it every day almost.

You also want to know alot of mounts and diffrent ways of getting into them. If you know that then you can really make some good stuff.

Learn your mounts and as many ways to get into and out of them. Pick a mount and try popping to different strings, mounting different places, dropping slacks, folding strings, rejecting, etc. and you’ll see the amount of possibilities are unlimited. Watching those “awesome” tricks and learning them yourself also helps. They will be elements in those tricks that you can incorporate with your own and possibly making your own unique trick.

Good luck.