how do you made up tricks?


Hey, so I do have a combo, but I dont like the ending… I do like three flips and drop a finger and that sets me up for a bind. But I dont know what else to do! Its a random string configuration, it looks like, it isn’t, but kinda looks like a backwards 1.5 mount… What do you do in these situations?

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Get into a mount. Then do something you haven’t done from that mount before and see if that gets you somewhere… 1/2 mount is a great place to start :slight_smile:

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Try to make knots.
The things that become knots and get undone is a flowlike manner, are your new tricks.


This may be helpful:,62066.0.html

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This video gives you a bunch of foundation work on how to build a combo

And the others on this page give you ideas from starting mounts.


Mocking yoyofactoryben? lol


Don’t talk about him.


I’m talking about mocking him. Not him as a person. I’m so mean… But really, the resemblance to the other picture was uncanny.


In no way would I ever put those two things together. I like yyf, and Ben. And I made this picture 1+ years ago (before I knew anything about yoyo teams and whatnot). Plus I’ve only seen that picture one other time, and I forgot I had until now. And do they even resemble each other?


I usually start by making an announcement such as “MAKE TRICK!” Really, any assortment of alphanumerical digits will suffice. The point is gusto. Now go forth and tear that trick a new knot like Jayyo says!


mess around with different mounts and things you’ve never tried before.

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Just do it.



Maybe you can pick one specific trick element, like chopsticks, and try and make a combo centered around chopstick mounts, boings, and dismounts.