making up yoyo tricks

this is gonna sound stupid but could you guys give me any ideas on how to make up my own yoyo tricks ;D

this is the method that I use for making my own tricks.
Step 1: Ask yourself, “What do I want the trick to look like?” Whether it is a string trick, a slack trick, or some other type of trick, Have this in mind before you start building your trick.
Step 2: Choose a mount. you don’t have to use a mount, but it will really help the structure of the trick.
Step 3: Mess around with it. Try some different movements that are possible from your mount or position.
Step 4: Make it flow. keep adding to your trick, trying to make it as smooth as possible.
Step 5: Finish it. After you have grown your trick to the point where you think it should end, add some sort of dismount.
Step 6: Give it a name and show it to the world!!!

-Titanium221 8)

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Do something you know, then do something completely different from what you are meant to do. Like I made a trick based on superman. Do the magic drop of superman, then instead of popping it back onto the string, I let it go into a trapeze on the right hand. From there, you can do moves from Plan D and ladder escape.

But its a good idea to learn all the master tricks (Plan D too) of this website before you start making your own tricks. Lots of people try to make tricks when they only know several tricks like in Advanced Part 1, so none of their tricks are actually unique, they are just different versions of tricks like rewind, mcbride roller coaster, the matrix etc.

i know most of the master level tricks including plan B ladder escape etc.

Then just do something random to make up your tricks. Get into a strange mount you have never done before. Just do something random.

just try doing some trick and instead of putting the yoyo on the string where it should go try putting it on another string and just make a trick

I was goofing around with a double or nothing to today and twisting strings and bouncing around… Just take a normal mount and manipulate it into a trick…

Dont forget any of the moves. Take it slow and step-by-step. ALWAYS know a way to dismount so you dont end up in a tangled mess…always my problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at Kim-Lan.

She doesn’t know any of the master tricks and makes up her own, all her tricks are very unique.

Um. All I have to say is no. That’s seriously all I have to say…I don’t know.

Hm. I actually did start making up tricks somewhat around that point. After that, I pretty much stopped learning tricks, but you’re probably right.

Anyways, what I do is I just get into a mount, any mount. It could be a Double or Nothing, Wrist Mount, or a One and a Half Mount. Then do something, anything. Move the yo-yo, move the string, move your fingers. Hit that string. Hop off that. Put your finger there. Make the yo-yo go through there. Pinch there. Slack there.

Take the elements from tricks that you know and implement them into new tricks.

Or even, do a trick that you know and mess up. And try making up a new trick from your mistake.

yay i just made up my own slack trick

I messed around witht he double or nothing and if you land on the back stirng and curl in oyur non throw hand index so the back string drops and twist your fingers a little you get a eiffel tower :smiley:

Trick stealer! :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured that out too! lol

Haha I figured it out 2 months ago, you? :smiley:

About 7 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

It works better with the middle string.

I think 3 months or something, I’m not sure.

who can do a slack trick while there is hands are crossed and catch it with them still cross

i can 8)

Sigh… all of you are trick stealers. I discovered Mickey did it in his worlds 2008 performance. You might not know it, but the knot trick he did before doing his slanted tricks is actually an eiffel tower with a “And Whut” pop in it. Then, he threw the strings into the thing and pulled so that it created an awesome effect.

Starting at 2:22