How to make a trick???

OK, so I know how to make a combo, but what I’m wondering about is how to make an original trick. Everyone just says “Be creative” or “Mess around” but I’m looking for some specific examples. Can someone, like, show the thought process they go through as they try to make a trick? All help appreciated!

OK, i know you have heard it before but mess around!! haha :smiley: what i do is i get into a mount say a 1.5, then ill just think about what you can do from there like a slack or something. just go live slow motion with the trick and youll make something i guarantee it :wink: p.s behind the back, horizantal and arm tricks are great for making up tricks. Hope i helped :slight_smile:

Kinda, a video is helpful tho :smiley:

i try to do the opposite of some tricks to see if it makes something new

Ill try that :smiley: thanks

i take something i like, add something too it, take stuff out, and elements that you dont think are natural, and VOILA! i made my first trick :slight_smile:

I hate to tell you this, but I just can’t bear to not tell you this. Mess around.

If you do a Wrist Mount, then do the first part like Alexis JV did. Then go into a trapeze, Yuki slack into a double or nothing but hook the middle string out. Pop the yoyo out and around to you, and on that same string but backwards. Voila, GT. Dismount and you just made a trick. I just found this out but trying to do Yuki slack but ACCIDENTALLY hooked my finger out the middle string. Then I came to this Gondola formation. Then I MESSED around with it, fiddling, and soon enough, I popped it backwards into a GT.

Some things just come by inspiration.

Alright, ill try it, thanks guys!

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