Thought process of making tricks


So lately I’ve been having a hard time creating tricks. So I was wondering, what is your though process when you create a trick/combo? Feel free to share


I basically just play with the arsenal of elements I have until I make a trick. My problem is my “orignal” element’s are running low and alot of my tricks are starting to look repetive


I watch videos and look for mounts in the video that I feel the trick creator could have done more with. I then use that mount and try to do a movement similar to what my favorite player (in my case Lazar Medvedev) would do and try to do it. If I fail, I try doing the movement to the left, right, front, or back (one that I had not done yet). I usually make a few variations to find which I can do more with from there. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


I have other yoyoers telling me that I make good tricks. Here are some methods I use to come up with new tricks:

Try to think of something that nobody has done before.
    When I try and make a trick, this is my main goal. If I make a trick, I try to make sure that it doesn’t look like anybody’s trick but mine. It doesn’t happen every time, but that’s okay.

Have a checklist of possible things you can do
    If I’m making a trick and I get stuck on a mount, I have a mental checklist of possible things that I can do to progress the trick.

-Can I do something with any of my free fingers?
-Can I stick one of my arms through one of the string formations? Head? Leg?
-Can I somehow do this trick from behind-the-back?
-Can I use a hat?
-Can I apply an already created concept towards the trick(Chopsticks, Tunnels, Slack,Hop, Cross-armed, etc.)?

These are some questions that come to mind when I’m trying to make a trick. Try to come up with some of your own.

Find multiple ways of getting into a mount
    There is always more than one way of getting into a mount. Get into a standard mount and take note of the way that mount looks when you are in it. Then try and find a different way to get into that mount.

Learn a trick or concept and try finding a new way of doing it
This is a really helpful way of making tricks.
For example I learned this trick:
And turned it into this:
And this:

I also based one of my combos on Jensen Kimmitt’s hop style and just did it cross-armed instead:

I hope this helps.


Thank you everybody this helps so much


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Hey so I was at Porto’s bakery on my way home from LA and I met Mark Mcbride :grin:. I asked him about how he thinks when he makes a trick and he says to learn as much of other peoples stuff as possible and that’s where new things come out. Also he gave an analogy where he said that when you draw a circle, you don’t try to draw it in a way that you would define as a “style” draw it as YOU would imagine as the best way to draw a circle, and that’s where style comes from.


As in for a hat related grind or something


The way I’ve always done it is to just not think about it. Half the time when I’m just playing around, I’ll stumble upon something I’ve never done. Once you find that, just build on it.

Also, what I think is always good to try is to basically take the same movements you would do for a trick in one mount, and then do it in a different one. Often, you’ll find something new.


Aaaaaand, how.long have you been yoyoing


I’ve been yoyoing for about 7 years