How do you make your own tricks?

Basicly just tell how you come up with your own tricks.
How I make my own tricks is being inspired.

And listen to music. This kinda sparks ideas for some wierd reasons.

What do you guys do to make your own tricks?

You’re thinking about it all wrong… You don’t make the tricks, the tricks make you.

experiment by landing tricks in different places or adding tweaks to tricks you’ve mastered. that’s what I do. (not very good though) :smiley:

Go for knots, most of the time you’ll get knots, but sometimes, knots vanish, and when they do, add flow, add fluidity, and there is your trick.

Knot theory,


Also good finding a new mount and working from the with the knot

I either stumble across things by accident, or purposely do things differently or more oddly than usual, and go from there.

That is a rare occasion for me. I come up with something so cool then when I try to recreate it, I usally forget and go off annoyed for not remembering what happened haha.

This happens to me a lot too.

Few ways

  1. Change up trixks i already know alittle bit
  2. Add different elements from a bunch of different trixks together to make a new trick
  3. Experiment with different mounts
  4. Just straight up mess around and do crazy thing sto try tofigure out something completely new