Iwant learn new tricks

hi my friend !
im yousif alsharqi . and im about to join YY… team . so i can do lot of tricks and some of them are hard . some of them is from expert and master section and some of them fro hiroyuki and yuuki and jensen kimmitt . and some of them from youtube . now when i want learn new trick i feel poor . and i want to creat my segniture trick that look very hard but icant i only can creat asmall and easy tricks like from wrist mount to some things than end of trick . i want to do a huge trick like : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCyXXNkFcn0

pleas tell me how to creat coll trick like these tricks

practice, creativity

how i cant im evryday prctice from 3 to 5 hours
but i cant

Well, here’s 2 ideas.

Remember “Superman” it has a lot of parts, but most of the parts end in a spirit bomb mount, then continue. Right?

Well, make up a mount, or use one from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aShRQh9HDuI

I think a lot of these mounts have HUGE potential, but they aren’t used that often.

But anyways, find a “tangent” or a string of a few tricks. Then either do one of these two things:

End in the mount you started in, then do a different string of tricks that either follows this rule or:

Do a string of tricks that dismount into either into another mount which leads to or is a: sleeper or trapeze.

Myah, well, if this doesn’t make sense, read it again with an open mind and a Yo-Yo in hand.

listen to some music while you throw

EXPERIMENT :slight_smile:

just try landing on different strings, differant ways, from differant mounts.

Mess around. If you’re doing wrist mount, there are many things to mess with. Same with 1.5. Flip it over and back sideways, do some chopsticks, land it on some strings and there you go, a new trick.

You can make it longer by messing stuff up even more. So if you mes up a Wrist Mount, mess something up again from there.

Jensen Kimmit and all these signature tricks are all made by inspiration.

Ummm, why the poll?
Doesn’t seem to have a purpose.

can anyone do “2gt pop” in the video??? its like an impulse buy, but an impulse learn :stuck_out_tongue:

go to highspeedyoyo.com under videos and try some of them