How do create an original yoyo trick ??


Well guys, I learned many tricks and up until now im moving into expert part 2 and just learned the white buddha trick. But i found out that if im not creating any tricks , the tutorials out there could be limited for me and i could only put up combos of tricks.

i was wondering how do other yoyo enthusiasts create their own trick, i certainly need to know that so i can expand my trick list.


try to create a new mount use trick elements to make a new combo


Good question, but it’s like asking how a musician creates new songs. Take the elements that you know and try to use them in a different way. Try doing things you’ve never done before, like make the yoyo go “here” instead of “there” and land on “this” string instead of “that” string. You may come up with something original, like a new mount you can base a new trick off of.

I wouldn’t worry too much about original tricks. Just do your thing.
“Just share your ideas. Put them all out there. Don’t take ownership of anything. If Rodney Mullen got upset every time a kid did a kickflip, he would be in an asylum right now, so… Just put it out there maaaaan…” -Charles Haycock


This guys got it. And just screw around and see what comes out of it.

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Ive started to tackle this question here.

An intro to combo building, and how to work with a couple mounts.  More to come as time permits.


i just let the music move the yoyo ::slight_smile: ahhh :slight_smile:


nice one ! gonna upload a new trick i made from the tower trapeze, i call that “ripped trapeze” :wink:

anyone done that before ???


Well no one can tell from just the name